Q3 2021

51 Q3 2021 BUILD Best Bespoke Architectural Visualisations Company - UK First and foremost, Atrium has made itself the company at the heart of architectural design services. By working for professional designers, architects, and construction professionals, it creates stunning, detailed, and accurate imaging of a design brief in order to allow a visual representation of what the client wants to go on to sell, ensuring the elements of a build that they are passionate about can truly shine. UK based company, Atrium is the provider of exemplary architectural media for professionals in its sector. Having made a name for itself with brilliant and beautiful design imaging across a number of different projects and specifications, Atrium can provide the best of computer-generated imaging, fly throughs, and photo montages, perfect for architects, interior designers, and developers looking for ingenuity and excellence. Fundamentally, its work has become renowned for its forward- thinking innovations, and the way in which it can operate within the parameters of a multitude of different specifications, no matter how strict the brief, in order to help visualise spaces with a myriad of different end uses. This can be as technologically detailed or as conceptual as a client may need. Crucially, from a sketch on a back of a napkin to a full CAD rendered plan, it will endeavour to work perfectly to exactly what a client wants and get them the imaging resource that will allow them to develop incredible results themselves; ‘from a concept image for a competition right through to a photo-realistic image for marketing’. Moreover, this ability to work in a range of styles for a myriad of different clients has given it its signature proficiency in being a ‘one stop shop’ when it comes to architectural visualisation. Its clients – far from occupying one specific niche of the building and architecture industry – are found in all areas of the sector, giving it a true depth and breadth of work visible through its stunning portfolio. Additionally, its digital media is empowered by the consistently changing and adapting trends of the wider industry; Atrium is conscious of how fast stylistic and technological sensibilities come and go in an industry such as interior design, and it is able to advise a client appropriately. Should a client wish to chat to Atrium about the vision they have and what they wish to achieve with it, Atrium promises to provide high-quality digital media, and the delivery of a consultation like no other that will give the client peace of mind regarding the truth of that statement. Further to this, it is clear from a client’s first interactions with Atrium that the owner, Dave Whitehead, knows his trade. He will invest significant time and energy into a client, especially in the initial stages, to help them figure out exactly what about their vision is needed by the market right now, and how best to sell that in a competitive and highly fast paced industry. A Jun21587 A former architectural technician, Dave has been producing high quality, computer generated imaging to for 10 years now – always using the best and latest hardware. Additionally, as a point of pride in his work and in how far his sector as a whole has come over the years, he funnels significant investment into the creation of images using the best software and production techniques. As well as this having the consequence of allowing Atrium to support its wider industry, it allows it to keep itself ahead of the curve; Atrium will always keep a finger on the pulse of its industry, both ensuring it remains competitive, and ensuring its clients benefit from a similarly fiercely competitive edge. Lastly, as Atrium moves towards the rest of the year – and indeed the decade – it invites clients to get in touch post- haste in order to discuss their projects as it looks forward to the next visual challenges that may come its way. Company: Atrium Visuals Contact: Dave Whitehead Website: atriumvisuals.com