Q3 2021

46 BUILD Q3 2021 An Eye for International Excellence Good design faces two key challenges in its execution. There is the artistic demand to create a space that is beautiful in every respect, with grace and elegance flowing through every facet. There is also the need to produce practical solutions that meet specific needs. We take a look at Dek-O, a team named Leading High-End Interior Design Company of the Year – Colombia in BUILD’s Architecture Awards 2021, to see how they have been able to meet these two challenges head on. he team at Dek-O are prolific in their field, offering clients solutions that are built on a wealth of experience from numerous different projects. Over the years, more than 100 international brands have trusted Dek-O to complete their projects to the highest standards, and it is a trust that has been continually repaid through the production of stunning buildings around the world. Dek-O’s team is multidisciplinary in every possible way, with a comprehensive team of designers, architects and engineers as well as creative and technical teams pulling together to create solutions that encompass all the challenges that come with a project. From conception, through to manufacture or construction, the firm has a proven track record of being able to thrive at delivering their projects anywhere in the world. To date, Dek-O has been proud to deliver more than 600 architectural projects for clients, embracing the possibilities of high-end interior spaces outfitted with the ultimate in luxury furniture. No two projects are the same in any situation, but this is especially true of the work that Dek-O undertakes. Their projects are spread across 23 countries, serving the specific needs of more than 100 global brands. Such a strong history of delivery means that the team have become regarded as the guarantee of success on a variety of projects. T May21645 To ensure the highest standards are delivered throughout a project, the team produce as much work as possible in-house. When it comes to developing the key furnishings that make a house into a home, Dek-O is able to provide thanks to a sophisticated manufacturing plant. This plant is outfitted with CNC manufacturing processes that allow the team to generalize all their concepts and adapt them quickly to new scenarios. This means that while each project is regarded as unique, they can still deliver these items at unparalleled budget and timings for clients. As a company that operates internationally, it’s little wonder that the team has also created its own logistics department. When it comes to meeting export needs, Dek-O is able to take the strain and offer its own solution as part of their service. With such success on the international stage, it’s an offer that very few turn down. The success of Dek-O comes from the team’s ability to deliver such incredible service when it comes to interior design. Through careful planning, they have overcome any and every logistical hurdle that has arisen, allowing them to thrive in the market. Their incredible success is something to be celebrated, now, and into the future. Website: www.dek-o.com Name: Oscar Acosta Email: [email protected] Leading High-End Interior Design and Architecture Company of the Year