Q3 2021

43 Q3 2021 BUILD From the very start of the construction process, a good survey can make an enormous difference to the development of a project. The team at Colak & Gow create drawings and collaborate closely with their client’s design teams to make a real difference. The Colak & Gow team are up to date with all of the latest software that can be used in this process, including robotic total stations and GPS Once a site has been surveyed, it’s essential that it is made suitable for construction. When it comes to drainage, the team have worked with all major brands including Polypipe, Supersleeve and Wavin to create a comprehensive solution. The team can tackle both foul and surface water drainage with ease, ensuring that their groundworks are impeccable for those who take a project forward. Similarly, the team’s ability to produce leading earthworks and foundations are second to none. The Colak & Gow team offer complete cut & fill operations, machine control GPS and volume reports, completed by operators who can be relied upon at all times to deliver the best possible results. The team have also a great deal of expertise when it comes to pad, strip and raft concrete foundations, and are able to tie cages, lay mesh and set bolts that provide a secure basis for a project. The team also have a great deal of experience with kerbing, able to deal with every variety that might present itself. This means that the team have worked on pin kerbs, half batter and titan kerbs with equal success, helping clients where necessary with drainage kerbs and difficult radii also. The team have also handled the various needs for paving that might come up, covering concrete, monoblock and granite as well as many other types including permeable paving. The team are able to level and screed to provide their client’s desired finish. In short, it’s little wonder that Colak & Gow has achieved so much over the years, drawing on a great deal of expertise, while still looking forward to what the future has to hold. We celebrate the team’s incredible success and look forward to what they are going to achieve in the weeks, months and years to come. Company: Colak & Gow Name: Mehmet Colakoglu Email: [email protected]