Q3 2021

Q3 2021 BUILD 37 With every suction excavation product sold by RSP UK, the revolution of construction is emboldened, and more clients are shown what the future of the sector could be. Therefore, its growth is as reliant on its reliability as a company as it is on the brilliance of the product, ensuring that whilst it is a contemporary and highly modern service, it is emboldened first and foremost by the human connection it makes to its customers. In order to do this, it has built a brilliant and empathic team around it that is capable of delivering this level of quality service. Across the UK and Germany both, it takes a collaborative and team-oriented approach both internally and externally. This has ensured the collation of a group of professional minds that handle RSP UK’s operations with diligence and efficacy, but more than all of that, with a true passion for client service that is hard to match; its culture is one of fun and diversity where each employee supports each. Consequently, RSP UK’s working environment is one of a familial sense of community where everyone’s differences in perspective are appreciated and valued, as this allows it to deliver for such a diverse myriad of different clients so effectively. Between the team, the workload is shared so that stress is minimised, enjoyment is maximised, and each individual can always strive for the next best point of their professional lives in order to grow as a member of the construction industry. ‘We put our customers first’, RSP UK tells us of the way that it works, emphasising how it sees the suction excavation technology market segment becoming a big part of shaping the future of construction as a whole, and excited about how each member of its team has helped to make this a reality. As the future of its industry, it sees its work as part of a wider duty of care to the clients that it serves in order to ensure that each of them can best meet their business’s goals. Moreover, just as it cares for its own staff, it knows that the staff of its clients are a pivotal part of that journey, and so continues to invest in better innovations and more robust safety standards, forever refusing to stagnate in order to ensure the team is the best it can possibly be. It knows that this is especially important in an industry that is forever changing and developing alongside the world as a whole. No day is the same, both internally and externally, and this is part of the excitement that fuels RSP UK and keeps it being one of the best experienced and most diverse companies operating in modern construction and excavation, making it a true ‘force to be reckoned with’. 2021, therefore, is looking to round out as another landmark year for it. With the launch of its first – and the world’s first – suction excavator with Breaker Boom, it is bringing further ingenuity to the UK market that breaks ground with a lesser carbon footprint, saving time and money with an entirely self-contained solution. Thus, it is confident that the upward track to further growth it is currently on will continue to allow it to reach for further itself, taking its client and its wider sector with it. Company: RSP UK Contact: Nicole Bilham Website: rsp-uk.co.uk