Q3 2021

30 BUILD Q3 2021 Jul21704 Home is Where the Harth Is. Harth Builders’ mission is to make everyone’s favourite place, home. That is why every project Harth designs and builds incorporates each client’s own ideas, personalities and dreams. We find out more following its recognition as Most Outstanding Home Remodelling Contractor, 2021 - Pennsylvania. stablished in 1996, by Allyn Harth, Harth Builders signifies decades of seasoned experience in remodelling and residential, light commercial, and heavy civil construction. Harth Builders is a second- generation home design, building and remodelling firm based on craftsmanship and family history. From architectural design and remodelling to additions and custom finishing work, Harth has the award-winning reputation, knowledge, and the attention to detail to carefully construe each customer’s inimitable vision to make ideal home renovations come to life. “We service homeowners in the Greater Philadelphia area and work with our clients through a design-build process that incorporates spatial planning, architecture, interior design selections, mechanical design for electric, HVAC, plumbing and value engineering to help them bring their visions in on a budget. With over 65 architects, designers and craftsman, we bring your visions to life,” states Gregory Harth, President of Harth Builders. The internal culture is a big part of Harth Builders’ success and quality. The team is committed to promoting its business from the inside out, as the pride of the company lays within the dedication and support of its own team, hence the immense focus on the internal moral of the company. Gregory states, “We have a culture of accountability, both to our clients and internally to each other. We are also very process driven so we can consistently provide clients with great experiences. We are on our 9th and 10th projects for multiple clients! Repeat and referral projects define success to us.” Harth Builders has a team of architects, engineers, interior designers, and skilled craftsmen that participate in ongoing professional education to stay abreast of the latest product innovations, as well as the most energy-efficient building techniques. This ensures its stance as outstanding remodelling contractors in the industry. “Our work has earned numerous industry awards and accolades — and it’s no surprise! With decades of combined experience in residential and commercial construction, our team has the depth of talent and know-how necessary to ensure your project is completed to the highest quality standards,” explains Gregory. Across the Greater Philadelphia Area, Harth Builders is renowned for its award-winning remodelling services, but what several homeowners may not know is that it builds custom homes as well. The company has been constructing custom residential projects for homeowners across the Greater Philadelphia Area for decades. E Gregory states, “The quality of our work has earned us high praise from our clients and numerous industry awards. Universal design means building products and environments to make them accessible to all people, regardless of age, disability or additional factors. We at Harth are dedicated to making sure your home fits your needs, no matter what those needs are. Our goal is for our clients to be able to live comfortably and feel safe in their spaces.” A reputable company isn’t built without having a few issues over the years, but it is how they are overcome that creates the distinction between a company within the industry and a company which runs the industry. Gregory continues, “Of course, supply chain issues continue to dominate our world. Extreme lead times require excellent planning (for example, 23 weeks for semi-custom cabinetry and 10 to 12 weeks for windows). Costs of goods have increased significantly in the past eight months and labour shortages also create challenges. However, it is a level playing field and due to our size and history, we have great supply vendors, trade partners and historical unit costs to help us negotiate these turbulent times.”