Q3 2021

28 BUILD Q3 2021 May21639 Designs for Commercial Success The world of design is one that requires not just good architectural ideals, but exemplary commercial drive. Michihiro Matsuo has run four businesses as an entrepreneur, and offers his clients the ideal combination of stunning design and excellent business sense. We dig a little deeper into his firm, following his success in the Architecture Awards 2021 where his firm, Metaph Architect Associates was named Best Corporate Architecture Practice 2021 - Kansai Region and his team won Office Project of the Year (Kansai): World Service Head Office. ichihiro Matsuo has always pushed for new ideas that will push the construction industry forward. Having graduated from an architectural course at an industrial high school in Osaka, Japan, he cut his teeth working for a major construction company and afterwards, a house construction company, where he was trusted to supervise at construction sites. His skill was further developed through exploring different buildings designed by renowned architects around the world. Matsuo was determined to add to the great fabric of architecture, and so he decided to establish his own, unique brand of custom-built home. As well as conquering the architectural field, he has built his name on handling the management, production and sales strategy of his business as well. By placing himself across all aspects of the business, Matsuo has been able to secure his firm’s position as a leading figure in the industry. Over the years, Matsuo has been in demand, not only as a pioneering architect, but as an expert in the field who understands the unique challenges of the field. He has been involved in the architectural design and planning of houses and villas specializing in wooden construction, not just winning awards for his efforts but being invited to judge others’ efforts. When his past success is taken into account, as well as his efforts to ensure that his designs embrace a culture of internationalism, it’s little wonder that he has achieved so much over the years. Nowhere is this better showcased than in the development of his award-winning project, the World Service Head Office. This incredible design and build showcases the exemplary nature of what Metaph Architects Associates can deliver. Spread over a large site and two stories, the building is welcoming and light in every regard with white walls and large open windows creating a marvellous sense of space along every corridor and in every room. Instead of limiting one’s self to a traditionally Japanese perspective, this project has allowed Matsuo to embrace a more universal design strategy that reflects the title of World Service Head Office. For those who walk through its open halls, there is a great deal to enjoy. M Metaph Architects Associates is a firm that encompasses all of Matsuo’s ambitions. People turn to this team because they know that they will receive designs that have not only a global perspective, but a determination to improve the quality of design on an international level. The team does not just do this through what they produce, but through actively educating the next generation of managers and students in what works and what doesn’t. To improve the future of architecture, this level of connection is key. The success of Metaph Architects Associates, and of Michihiro Matsuo, comes from the ability to learn from what has gone before, and move forward with confidence into a new and bright future. Company: Metaph Architect Associates Name: Michihiro Matsuo Email: [email protected]