Q3 2020

9 Q3 2020 BUILD Mar20275 Preserving & Painting Prestigious Places Decoration work is more than simply painting or rearranging some furniture. It is an art form that requires insight beyond thinking about what might look nice. It is about complementing styles, colours, artwork, interiors and exteriors together. That is the work that CJC Contractors specialise in, painting and decorating residential, commercial, heritage, and listed buildings across London. Join us as we take a closer look at what makes this company the most deserving recipient of the title of Best Commercial Painting & Decorating Company 2020 - Southeast England. stablished in 1965, CJC Painting was one of the foremost companies serving London, Essex, and the M25. In its fifty five year history, it has experienced continued success whilst serving numerous private clients and various sectors of commerce and industry around the capital. During the first twenty five years of business, the firm gained a wealth of experience in all aspects of residential and commercial painting and decorating, including the application of high-performance protective coatings and specialist finishes to high profile, heritage, and listed buildings. 1990 saw the restructuring of CJC to become a painting and decorating company capable of undertaking multi-trade repairs as well as complete refurbishment projects, providing a high quality, well-organised and reliable service, tailored to each client’s individual needs. In 2014, the team decided to rename the company to reflect the extent of the multi-trade works it was able to undertake. Thus, CJC Contractors was born. Now, the firm continues to offer quality workmanship in painting and decorating at competitive prices whilst still maintaining the highest possible standards of ethical and professional business practice at all times. Every staff member and operative carries identification as well as wearing company-liveried workwear to ensure that there can be no discrepancy on who is carrying out good work. CJC Contractors dedicated team of professionals includes highly-trained decorators, all of whom are experienced in every aspect and facet of residential and commercial painting and decorating. The majority of the people working for CJC Contractors have been working for the firm for many years with its culture of loyalty, which in turn leads to excellent working relationships with clients, supplier, and colleagues in the industry alike. Working extensively in schools, both internally and externally, CJC Contractors also makes sure that every single one of its operatives and visiting directors are CRB-checked and certified. The range of projects and contracts that the firm undertakes is extensive, and can vary in value from between two thousand pounds per week, right the way up to more than one hundred thousand pounds per month. As is expected, these projects also vary wildly in their nature, but just a handful that CJC Contractors has completed include internal office refurbishment, quality internal redecoration of residential properties, external joinery and repair work, external redecoration to residential, commercial, heritage, and listed buildings. Whether it is completing a high quality redecoration for prestigious listed buildings, applying traditional coatings to ancient monuments, or putting specialist protective coatings on industrial plant buildings, CJC Contractors is the firm to go with. With more than half a century of experience, and truly exceptional people and practices, there is no better choice for painting and decorating work that CJC Contractors. Company: CJC Contractors Ltd. Contact: John Harwood Website: www.cjc.co.uk E Abbey House, Bury St. Edmunds External refurbishment

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