BUILD Q3 2019

BUILD Q3 2019 46 Feb19313 hitneybell Perry is a community focused architectural firm which undertakes a wide variety of projects. When the firm first began its main focus was multi- family residential. This continues to be a significant part of the firm’s portfolio, but in more recent history the practice has been fortunate to be able to expand into mixed use devel- opments, commercial/retail, hotel, office, education, custom homes and single-family residential developments. Drawing on its vast experience, the firm has designed projects with a variety of architectural styles and as such it is able to adapt its designs to be compatible within the context of each project. Seeking to drive excellence from each and every member of its valued team, Whitneybell Perry promotes an office culture of professionalism in all aspects for its project communication and production, stressing loyalty to both clients and to the firm. As part of this focus the firm also encourages involvement in the local community: from professional involvement such as membership on a local government planning committee to per- sonal involvement such as coaching a child’s sports team. Founders Doug and Mike always stress the importance of work- ing hard during the firm’s 40+ hour work week and then making time for extra-curricular activities every week too. They have led by example in promoting the importance of architects being involved in their communities such as by joining a city group such as a planning committee, joining professional organiza- tions such as AIA, Valley Partnership, etc. and getting involved in the meetings and missions of these organizations. The firm’s employees have responded to this encouragement by under- Whitneybell Perry Architects : Achieving Excellence for Arizona’s Architecture Market Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Whitneybell Perry Architects is an architectural firm specialising in high density residential design and civil engineering. As part of our overview of a selection of winners from this year’s Design & Build Awards we profile the firm to find out more about the range of services it has to offer. W