BUILD Q3 2019

33 Q3 2019 BUILD hard to overcome. Through our work, we help educate home owners and the building industry at large understand the impor- tance of sealing the crawlspace from outdoor air and ensuring that they are keeping moisture out of their home.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, this focus on education will remain as John’s Waterproofing seeks to build upon its current success, as Tamara is proud to conclude. “With regards to the future, at John’s Waterproofing we are con- stantly growing and evolving to meet the needs of our customers and when necessary by new developments in building science. As we look to the future, we will continue to promote and educa- tion home owners and professionals about the dangers found in a crawlspace and how they can best protect themselves.” Contact: Tamara Collins Address: 201 Airport Road, Silverton, Oregon, 97381, USA Phone: 5038735650 Website: