BUILD Q3 2019

21 Q3 2019 BUILD ince its inception in 2015, Brooklyn SolarWorks (BSW) has flourished through a commitment to over- coming design and permitting barriers that have long prevented solar from taking hold in the local residen- tial market. Today, the Gowanus-based company is Brooklyn’s leading residential solar contractor with over 500 installations completed in the borough. Ultimately, BSW is able to offer clients a one-stop shop for sys- tem design, permitting and installation, with a unique specializa- tion in serving Brooklyn’s flat roof townhouse and brownstone owners -a client segment that has largely been avoided by the mostly-suburban solar industry. As a “hyper local” business, Brooklyn BSW’s brand and reach is virtually ubiquitous in the form of its installations; the firm’s neighbourhood canvassers in BSW logo emblazoned sales and installation vehicles, and the company participates in a range of local community events including street fairs, festivals, block parties and happy hours. The firm also deploys street signs and geo-targeted digital marketing to ensure that it is a true bastion of quality solar installations for clients across the Brooklyn area. This unique focus on supporting the local Brooklyn commu- nity is what sets BSW apart from its competitors in the solar installation market. This local specialization encompasses creative approaches to design and installation, as well as an unparalleled mastery of NYC’s uniquely complex and onerous permitting, zoning rules and requirements. BSW’s signature product, the patented Brooklyn Solar Canopy, literally elevates solar systems above common roof obstructions that normally disqualify or limit solar projects on flat roofs, while creating space for amenities such as decks and green roofs. Alongside this innovative product, the firm’s intense local focus puts 90% of its clients within a 10-minute drive from BSW’s office, allowing for the firm’s installation and monitoring teams to Brooklyn SolarWorks : Bringing the Sunshine into Brooklyn’s Homes Brooklyn SolarWorks (BSW) is a turnkey solar installer that specializes in flat roof solar installations. Having recognized the firm in the Design and Build Awards for 2019 we profile it and share an insight into the range of services it provides to its valued clients. S rapidly respond to and resolve any complications or challenges that may arise with system performance during the lifetime of the installation. On top of all of that, a zealous commitment to quality pervades every aspect of BSW’s work. It is reflected in the firm’s domi- nant local market share and in its exceptional online presence which includes a range of positive reviews on a variety of sites including Yelp, Facebook and Google. Moving forward, with the aim of building upon its current suc- cess, BSW hopes to add battery storage as a new offering for both its existing and future clients. Batteries allow customers to boost household resiliency and shift demand from peak to non- peak periods, with the potential to reduce electricity rates and monetize grid-wide benefits that batteries can afford. Crucially, this development and others will keep BSW at the forefront of Brooklyn’s ever-evolving and growing solar installation market during the coming years. Company: Brooklyn SolarWorks Name: T.R. Ludwig Address: 200 6th Street, Brooklyn, 11215, United States, NY Phone: +1 347 474 7144 Website: Apr19242