BUILD Q3 2018

17 Q3 2018 Build ichler & Traupmann Architekten was founded by Christoph Pichler and Hannes Traupmann in 1992. Christoph begins by explaining the approach the firm uses when undertaking a new project to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved, as well as what marks them out as the best option in compari- son to their competitors. “Here at Pichler & Traupmann, our work is based on won competitions, rarely we get assignments directly by the clients. We learned that the pro¬cess of developing the idea and the program for a new project is al- ways a transformative one, as well for the client as for all involved. Thus for us, working on the competition and on the commission will be more about listening to the client’s self-assessment, self-esteem and needs as well as to those of the city than purely about design. “As a whole, we are the best at complex and highly challenging assign¬- ments. We believe that architecture can offer more than what one may expect. When the needs of the client are well outlined, it is possible to create new spatial creations beyond the imagination of the client. The central theme of our work is that we are always thinking and sketching from scratch, we are always trying to enter a new world, it is always a kind of re-start. Our portfolio consists of all kind of buildings, from single family houses to industrial architecture, school, residential and tourism buildings, culture centres, religious - even art installations - to complex headquarters.” Pichler & Traupmann have a vast selection of exceptional projects within their portfolio. However, there is one particular project that stands out from the rest as Hannes explains. “Any project is of importance during that particular moment, however, it is the Vienna OEAMTC Headquarters (Austrian Automobile, Motorbike and Touring Club) that we may consider as our master piece. With this project we had the possibility to enter unchartered waters which is a stroke of luck. Due to a client with a similar way of thinking and working, and due to very clear requirements, we could pull out all the stops until finding an elliptic figure, shaping it to a ring to finally getting the star form enwrapped by a glass façade. Additionally, it was the first project we planned with BIM (Building Information Modeling). For this radical deci- sion, we had to jump in at the deep end and it was worth the effort.” As for the most important thing the team learnt from working on this? Hannes informs us it’s self-perception and self-understanding. “It is extremely satisfying to make architecture for a client who, on the one hand has a strong profile and, on the other, knows the virtues of Sketching from Scratch – Always a Challenge The Viennese architecture office Pichler & Traupmann Architekten works on a wide variety of commissions in the areas of office and industrial buildings, of social housing and increasingly in those of cultural- and educational buildings. We spoke to architects as we looked to discover the secrets behind the firm’s remarkable success. P space and architecture. The more demanding the client, the better we become as architects.” Bringing the interview to a close, Hannes reflects on the team at Pichler & Traupmann, and the key principles to which they all adhere to. “Our team consists of highly motivated international architects, and we try to adhere them by offering interesting yet challenging tasks. In addition to this, we care to maintain a friendly, transparent and respectful relationship with all our staff members. Most of all, we are happy to rely on their pas¬sion and responsibility for the common efforts in our office.” Moving forward, the future aspirations for Pichler & Traupmann are to expand the firm, in addition to working on international projects. Contact: Renate Blueml (office management) Pichler & Traupmann Architekten ZT GmbH Weyrgasse 6/4, Vienna, 1030, Austria Telephone: 0043 1 713 3203 Email Address: [email protected] Web Address: OEAMTC Headquarters Vienna, Photo: Roland Halbe