BUILD Q3 2018

Build Q3 2018 16 impson Studio Architects is based in Somerset House in the heart of London. Working within a collaborative makers’ com- munity, the studio has a varied portfolio of residential and com- mercial projects. Founded on the principle of attention to detail and an emphasis on creating beautiful, bespoke, functional and considered space. Simpson Studio believe in the Architect as Master Builder, being involved with a hands-on approach at all stages of a project, and fostering a strong relationship with clients in order to truly deliver on their vision. To invest in a holistic approach, means every project moves through a range of scales, from the large-scale lens of the city and wider site, zooming in to the smaller details like the design of a doorknob or threshold. The practice recognises the positive and substantial impact even the smallest piece of design can have on a space, so no aspect of a project is ever left to chance. This strong attention to detail builds towards the creation of innovative design solutions, with an understanding that architecture cannot follow a one-size-fits-all approach but each design must respond to the individual situation. The studio embraces making as an integral process in the development, producing one to one prototypes as a means to explore individual designs more closely. This love for making and a more practical approach to design sets Simpson Studio apart from other firms within the industry. Not content with simply producing a set of drawings, working with materials means projects incorporate a range of bespoke design solutions. The studio regu- larly collaborates with its sister practice, Simpson & Sand, who hand-crafts bespoke furniture and products. This level of in house manufacturing means projects respond with much greater precision than an off-the-shelf solution. A Holistic Approach to Design Simpson Studio is a holistic practice that places great importance on defining every element of a project, from the wider scale of the city to the smallest detail of a material junction. S Simpson Studio Architects is also part of the London School of Architec- ture’s practice network, supporting students from the school alongside their academic studies. This involvement has enabled the studio to stay at the forefront of new, innovative ideas and integrates a continual theoretical thread in the studio outlook. Responding to questions such as how space and design affect society, and what role architects can play in place making and the evolution of the city. Simpson Studio continue to strive to be at the forefront of British design, removing the boundaries across creative disciplines, believing that the best relationship to a project and the client is reached through the physical integration of ideas and theories, where we are designers, makers and collaborators. Contact: Joanna Simpson Company: Simpson Studio Architects, Makerversity, Somerset House, Strand, London, WC2R 1LA, UK Telephone: 020 3884 3500 Web Address: S IMPSON S TUDIO A RCHITECTS Photography: Henry Hunt