BUILD Q3 2018

Build Q3 2018 12 ith our keen instinct for light and sound, we are able to devel- op individual and unique lighting and acoustics concepts with simple, intelligent control systems. The three things that are essential to our approach are: - Individual creation - Aesthetic excellence - Professional support We regard light, sound and intelligent control as integral components of the planning and design process. On request, we can take care of individual stages from conception to commissioning, or else manage the entire project, collaborating with individual partners or our network of experts. Lighting Planning and Smart Home Integration With the right lighting, furnishings and smart technology, Die Welle Sonja Bruckner e.K. can create expressive lighting and experience spaces for you. Their certified lighting designers and designers can offer you something special, since they themselves are different in a certain way. Taking time to reveal a little bit about the firm, is Bettina Otto who discusses the three things essential to their approach. W Project 1: biohotel oswaldahus – hotel lighting planning and implementation