Q2 2022

55 2022 Design and Build Award Most Outstanding Sustainable Energy, Building and Technical Engineering Consultancy, 2022 - London Energylab Consulting Limited Leading Full-Service Residential Interior Design Studio, 2022 - Boston, Massachusetts Bogart Interiors Leaders in Residential Design and Build Remodelling Projects, 2022 - Virginia Synergy Design & Construction Leading Construction Company within the Residential and Commercial Sectors, 2022 - East Brunswick, New Jersey Legacy Contracting LLC Most Outstanding Developer of Custom-Tailored Commissioning Programs within the Construction Industry, 2022 - Missouri City M3T Cx Authorities LLC Most Outstanding Passive House Consultancy, 2022 - Cheshire Ecospheric Ltd Most Outstanding Sustainable Interior Design Studio, 2022 - Carlsbad, California Blackdoor Design Leading Interior Design Firm Specialising in Bespoke Residential Design, 2022 - Boston DANE AUSTIN DESIGN Award of Excellence for Creative and Sustainable Architecture, 2022 - Glasgow Technique Architecture and Design Most Outstanding Boutique Architecture and Design Practice within the Commercial, Residential and Community Sectors, 2022 - Honolulu District Architecture + Design Award of Excellence for Residential Architectural Projects, 2022 - Cornwall DART Architecture Most Outstanding Design Consultancy Specialising in High-End Luxury Retail and Hospitality Projects, 2022 Sophie Alexandra Most Outstanding Residential Architectural Design Practice, 2022 - The Midlands MNCN Architecture Ltd. Most Outstanding Innovative Architectural Design Practice Specialising in Sports Stadia and Cultural Projects, 2022 - London WOO architects Most Outstanding Full-Service Sustainable Contemporary Architecture Practice, 2022 - London e-gg Award of Excellence for Sustainable and Bespoke Residential Architecture, 2022 - Edinburgh ArchiLife