Q2 2022

52 Q1 2022 BUILD 2022 Design and Build Award Leading Innovative Residential Architectural Consultancy, 2022 - Gloucestershire The Noble Consultancy Leaders in Innovative and Creative Residential Architecture, 2022 - Portland, Maine Whitten Architects Best Socially-Inspired Construction Framework Company, 2022 - England Rise Construction Framework Ones to Watch in Contemporary Residential Architecture, 2022 - Brooklyn, New York Fernando Fisbein Architect Leaders in Sustainable and Contemporary Residential Construction, 2022 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Module Most Outstanding Residential Construction Firm Specialising in Innovative and Sustainable Designs, 2022 Alquist 3D Most Outstanding Manufacturer of Air Sealing Technology, 2022 - Miamisburg, Ohio Aeroseal Leaders in Sustainable Architectural Designs, 2022 - Colorado Springs SP Designs Ltd Most Outstanding Manufacturer of Sustainable Building Materials, 2022 - Idaho Hempitecture Leaders in Innovative Architecture and Design Projects, 2022 - Hampshire Willow Design and Architecture Most Innovative Designer of Residential Door Locks, 2022 - California Brinks Door Locks Leading Full-Service Real Estate Development Consultancy, 2022 - New York City Eastbound Construction Most Outstanding Bespoke Design-Led Architecture and Design Studio, 2022 - South-West London WSMS-Studio Leading Architecture Practice Specialising in the Corporate, Retail, and Veterinary Sectors, 2022 - Saint Paul, Minnesota Vanney Associates Inc Best Manufacturer of Sustainable Engineered Bamboo Lumber, 2022 - Florida RIZOME Award of Excellence for Bespoke Residential Interior Design, 2022 - Marin County, California Jennifer Wundrow Interior Design, Inc.