Q2 2022

17 Q2 2022 BUILD Best Traditional Home Design Building Company - Somerset Finding a home design company – to fit all needs – can be a challenging task. But not with Galion! This award-winning, traditional, and sustainable new home developer has been working with a plethora of clients for many years – promoting healthy growth for them and their homes. Expanding on this, we talk to Director, Victoria Creber about its path to success. ho says traditional, period-style homes can’t go hand-inhand with contemporary, 21st century spaces? Galion makes all of this possible with its innovative and focused attitude towards its new homes – as well as employing a fine team that carry out the work to a pristine, unrivalled standard; Galion’s creations truly build upon its core values. Galion’s core values and very essence is predominantly to create a legacy that will live on and truly stand the test of time. Its team have a background of property development with a combined experience of around 150 years – this has propelled Galion forward in the industry as its well-seasoned experts build a foundation upon which to build the best of the best, for the foreseeable future. Its ethos is a combination of many aspects such as architectural identity, aesthetic perfection, community engagement, sustainability through the use of natural materials, and much more. Proud and responsible, Galion never falls short and always delivers on its promises. This means that clients get everything they want, and more. This timeless approach is revered by many and Galion is a trusted business that ensures the best experience for its clients. Director Victoria Creber tells us, “If you are looking for a period style home but with all the innovation of the modern world then a Galion home is the answer. Galion’s low density developments in the heart of rural Somerset are an exquisite example of legacy building. The architectural integrity of these homes and flowing, winding streets sets it apart from anything else we’ve seen.” For example, the location of Galion’s flagship development, Lakeview in Keinton Mandeville is, in Victoria’s words, “famous for its beautiful natural Blue Lias stone and so it seemed exactly right that we sourced the stone for construction from the ground on which the homes were to be built.”. With its development of exquisite homes in various Somerset locations, Galion has set the standard for businesses to come. Not only has it altered the trajectory of the industry but it has created pristine homes that make a huge positive impact on the people who live in them. “On entering these homes, one W Mar22036 is greeted by a uniquely spacious hallway with high ceilings throughout and beautiful interior design which encapsulates a wonderful blend of character and tradition with modern-day contemporary living requirements.” Victoria shares. It is entirely down to the work of the entire company, its attitude towards work, and its ability to strive for the greatest creations. For this year and beyond, it looks as though Galion has a lot up its sleeve as it continues its reign. Victoria enthuses, “We have put our money where our mouth is and started our B Corp Certification journey. We submitted and have been audited and are currently in the Verification process. We believe that, once certified – hopefully by end September 2022 – we will be the first mainstream property developer – not modular builder – in the country to have achieved this wonderful accolade.” Not only has it won Best Traditional Home Design Building Company – Somerset, but it will go on to collect a variety of awards and recognition in the near and distant future. Here’s to Galion, its goals, and its achievements – long may it continue. Contact: Victoria Creber Company: Galion Web Address: https://galion.ltd/