Q2 2022

11 Q2 2022 BUILD To achieve its collective goal, Amari has over the years collaborated and partnered with some of the interior design industry’s leading suppliers. Whether the client’s preference is book matched marble, reclaimed French chateau chevron flooring, antique Georgian herringbone, minimalist Italian kitchens, frameless floor to ceiling glazing, or a hand-carved fireplace to match their period cornice, Amari has the tried and trusted supplier to make their dreams come true. Amari prides itself in being able to understand the importance of the client’s wishes and translates them into reality. It therefore works closely with the client and numerous specialist professionals to create imaginative and creative interior design solutions that combine to produce a delightful and unique living environment. In addition to pen-to-paper design, Amari has access to some of the top and best-known interior and furnishings brands so it can help create a complete view of the interior of the client’s new home and furnishings. With over 25 years’ experience in the industry, Rob Foote and his team can help with all aspects of a client’s remodelling requirements. While these past few years have been challenging for all concerned in the construction industry, Amari has been extremely lucky; workflow has remained steady, even rising in the last 18 months or so. However, the main issue it found was the supply chain and getting products delivered to the site. This meant constant supervision of project timescales and sequencing of trades on-site to try and minimise the impact of any possible delay. An unexpected benefit was the fact that a lot of the firm’s new clients decided to do extensive renovations and additions to their homes over the period rather than move, or because of the additional time, they had to plan any potential work. Now, Amari is focused on its plans for 2022 and beyond, where it will carry on doing what it is doing but with a greater number of clients. Rob said, “We already have some amazing projects on the drawing board at the start of the year and we hope this will continue. The goal is to grow, keeping to our core values and to ensure that quality and value, if anything, gets better. One desire is to push our design and build option. The design and build solution was born out of our clients not having the time or inclination to oversee the now complex and difficult whole lifecycle process relating to a construction project. This led to our D&B offering with trusted construction partners helping deliver the solutions. This area now accounts for over three-quarters of our commissions.” All-in-all, Amari is feeling optimistic about the future as it moves forward through 2022 and onwards, allowing it to continue servicing new and existing clients with imaginative and exceptional homes. Company: Amari Property Consultants Ltd Contact: Robert Foote 0797 401 6844 Email: [email protected] Website: www.amari-london.com