Q2 2021

49 Q2 2021 BUILD s an architecture firm, the work of Architekturbüro encompasses many different elements and aspects of excellence. Dr Englhardt leads the work of the firm and is himself a private architect of the highest quality and calibre. Time and again, Dr Englhardt takes on projects that have already hit a dead end. Most of the time, the problems lie in economic issues such as financing too small a plot of land for buildings that are simply too large, or scheduling has gone off kilter and causes a project to land in the lap of Architekturbüro and Dr Englhardt. In the world today, most architects can plan and build solid residential buildings, offices, logistics centres, or industrial buildings; the idea of a stylish shop in the city centre with a representative sales area is no longer something for specialists. There are perhaps only a handful of architects and architecture firms in Europe that really represent a brand, or a distinctive design that is reflect in every project. In the architecture firm, this is not the unchanging rigid design but the methodical way of working, which becomes individual client design through working with the client. Regardless of the type of construction or architecture project that Architekturbüro and Dr Englhardt undertake, there is transparency and openness at every stage. Together, the client and the team of architects come up with better ideas that not only improve the built result, but also the future processes and energy consumption methods. Labour costs, quality of life, and employee satisfaction will play an increasingly important role in the future. It does not matter whether the building is a private home, a sales room, or a production facility for any kind of manufactured product. The overall setting needs to work, and also create a pleasant atmosphere. Human beings spend eighty percent of their lives in buildings, and surely it makes sense to improve them where possible. Architekturbüro certainly thinks so and strives to improve every single day. Despite the fact that 2020 has been an uncertain year for many businesses, Architekturbüro and Dr Englhardt himself have remained keenly focused on emerging trends that can be built upon moving into 2021 and beyond. The focus that is slowly emerging is the field of energy optimisation for industrial buildings. Architekturbüro has developed a system for this kind of project, whereby it can precisely tell the customer at Creating A Pleasant Atmosphere 2020 has been a year that can perhaps best be described as tumultuous, but it has not prevented businesses all over the world from displaying their true excellence. At the start of the year, we at BUILD Magazine earmarked Dr Norbert Englhardt as Architect of The Year, Munich, 2021, and his private architecture firm has proven itself to be a truly successful business in spite of what has come this year. Join us as we reflect on what makes Architekturbüro Dr Englhardt an exceptional architecture business. A Nov20650 the very beginning of a project whether they are eligible for funding, and how much they can expect from CO2 savings if they invest. By the way, sustainable building and saving Co2 also saves on operating costs. What this means for Architekturbüro is that there is a whole new market opened up, have intrinsically connected the energy consumption in a building such as a production facility with the energy requirements of the building itself. Ultimately, the work of Architekturbüro is more important than ever before, especially at a time when raw materials are becoming more and more valuable whilst an awareness of developing of how to treat the environment. No other specialist engineer in construction has this training to think globally and in a complex way. Holistic energy saving means cash for the entrepreneur, but also a boost for its image and the environment around it. People are becoming more critical, and that’s a good thing. Only a sustainable product can survive in this market, and architecture can make some serious contributions here. Architekturbüro and Dr Englhardt have sought to provide answers to society as to how sustainable living can be made even easier, and they have achieved excellence in that pursuit. Company: Architekturbüro Dr Englhardt Contact: Dr Norbert F. Englhardt Website: www.privatarchitekt.de