Q2 2021

47 Q2 2021 BUILD Inside Man The real estate industry is one that is worth billions of dollars around the world, but making the right decisions to make as much money as possible sometimes requires insider knowledge. The team at AURA Real Estate Experts has spent years developing their awareness of the industry, and were named Best Real Estate Advisory Firm 2020 - Southern Europe in BUILD’s Real Estate and Property Awards 2020. We take a look at the services they provide, and how they have achieved success, by guaranteeing it for their clients. ince 2009, the team at AURA have been building a reputation for excellence that remains unparalleled in the real estate industry. Their insight into the behavior of the markets has allowed them to deliver truly breath-taking evaluations on an institutional investor’s portfolio, ensuring that they make the right decision for them to thrive. The team has offices across Southern Europe, giving them a holistic attitude to the movement of the real estate industry. With bases in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece, they are well placed to give perfectly pitched advice. Recently, the team have explored the options of expanding their services into Latin America as a result of their success in Europe. From the day that the team first opened their doors, they have been in demand, and this demand has brought many real estate experts to the company. They find that the quality of service they are encouraged to give inspires results that are truly superb. As a result of this inestimable quality, the team have developed a proprietary platform that offers over 100 million comparable factors. This is the secret that gives the team such a great knowledge of their real estate prices and transactions. Because of the team’s incredible results, they have amassed some of the world’s most prestigious clients. This includes leading institutional investors, financing banks, investment banks, hedge funds, developers, and local sellers. By drawing in such a broad array of different clients, it has ensured that the team are able to gain different perspectives that support other aspects of the business. S Sep20009 Much of this advice revolves around different asset tipologies such as residential, land, hotels, nursery homes, touristic apartments, industrial warehouses, commercial and retail assets. Their specialism, however, in the utilization of large portfolios that have been brought to the market. This includes REOs, NPLs and developer loans to name but a few. These large projects require a company that is uniquely adapted to advise on them, and that is why the team at AURA have been able to achieve such a high level of success. The nature of the firm means that their services vary to suit the needs of the customer. While one client might need an expert in Market Analysis Viability plans, another might need research undertaken on assets they hold including shopping centers. The greatest benefit to working with AURA is that they have the capacity to cover the breadth of what investors might need, and can supply up-to-date knowledge that supports good decision making. When it comes to finding advice in Southern Europe, there are few finer than AURA. The team’s reach is extensive, both geographically and in terms of their abilities. It’s what draws in so many different clients, and is why they have been able to achieve such tremendous success. Company: AURA Real Estate Experts Name: George Tomaras Email: [email protected]