Q2 2021

45 Q2 2021 BUILD Beautiful Bathrooms Choosing the right person when it comes to refurbishing a bathroom is not always easy. The balance between a space that is stylish and charming is matched by the practical demands of the space. We take a look at Tiling Solutions London Ltd, a leader in the field. 2020’s Construction and Engineering Awards saw the firm named Best Bathroom Refurbishments Service 2020 – London. We take a closer look to see just what they did to achieve this astonishing result. hen it comes to refurbishing a bathroom or kitchen, it pays to find someone who can provide a personal touch. No two people are the same, and their houses deserve to be unique, especially in those rooms which lie at the heart of any home. That’s why the team behind Tiling Solutions take such care in creating a space where their customers can be truly comfortable. The team’s work is of the highest calibre, warranted for three years so that any hitches or problems can be rectified by the original team. All of the necessary certificates are handled by the team as well, allowing work to progress quickly and safely when it comes to dealing with electricity and gas. Much of the work that Tiling Solutions undertakes is in residential properties, varying from entire refits to repairs and maintenance work. For the last sixteen years, they have been the go-to name in London, with a reputation that is unassailable. The sheer level of quality is matched only by the high regard the customers have for the team’s level of service. When Tiling Solutions comes to your home, you can be sure of a job that is completed to the highest standards and the utmost quality. Key to this is the approach which is instilled into every member of the team. This approach is built on trust, namely the trust between the Tiling Solutions team and the customer. When this is present, the job is a joy to complete with both sides allowed to get on with the work at hand. When it is missing, it is an unpleasant time for all concerned. Tiling Solutions does its best to establish trust early on so that every job can be completed as easily as possible. The result is happy customers who not only ask for further services from the Tiling Solutions team, but will recommend them for jobs with their friends and colleagues too. Building the vital level of trust, therefore, is essential. The Tiling Solutions team do this through applying an incredible amount of care to each and every project. They respect the customer’s property, money and time at every stage, and this gives the customers the courage to reciprocate that treatment. The resultant project quality is easy to see and a pleasure to use for years to come. Finally, with all of the team’s years in the industry, they have heard every complaint and comment. No matter what a client suggests, the team remain calm and respectful, trying always to W Oct20283 understand the needs of their demands. Such long experience allows the Tiling Solutions team to explain with detail any decisions made, and why they must be made in this way. It’s an easy way of avoiding any misunderstanding that leads to overall success. To achieve success in this industry requires an impressive level of commitment. Tiling Solutions has committed to their work and delivers projects that are always well above the norm. For this reason, they have achieved success, and will continue to do so for years to come. Company: Tiling Solutions London Ltd Name: Rosen Boyanov Email: [email protected]