Q2 2021

36 BUILD Q2 2021 Feb21165 Interior Design Dilemmas Solved Based in London, Leia Anastasiou is a talented interior design professional with 20 years’ experience in luxury, high-end residential and hotel transformations. She is joined by her team to make excellence in interior design happen. ith a fresh approach, exciting edge, innovative design sense and meticulous attention to detail, LA Interiors has the winning formula to transform rooms into the stuff of dreams. It believes that homes should reflect the personalities of those who live in them, therefore each room should have its own character and tell its own story. Clients’ visions are interpreted into 3D visuals, fabric and material samples, to soon be made a reality. Every project is met with passion and a fresh perspective, brought to life through solid experience in tackling challenges with initiative and integrity, strong organisational skills and a deep understanding of the industry and the client’s requirements. Having designed every kind of space, from restaurants, cafes, bars and offices, to hotel rooms, pools, spas, kids’ clubs and peoples’ living rooms, Leia can solve any design dilemma. Leia is supported by a team to make all the magic happen, but she likes to build personal relationships with her clients, so is always sure they get to deal with her, never passing them onto another member of staff, no matter how busy it gets. It is important that the client’s wants and needs are listened to, although they don’t always know what they want; this is where Leia spends a lot of time investigating their lifestyle and working outside of the box to build a brief and a full picture of their needs, style, hopes and dreams. When a client says, “I never would have chosen this and I love it”, Leia knows she’s done a good job. W During the design process, clients are guided by way of options. Leia helps them make informed decisions by providing pro’s and con’s for each item in question. She recognises how easy a client can become overwhelmed with various choices to make and so she makes sure the handholding service goes through til completion of the project. Leia may be living the dream as an interior designer, but it isn’t always easy; the pandemic presented a series of challenges in the form of suppliers and deliveries being unpredictable, creating more work for the LA Interiors team; the company had to adapt how it presented to clients, so this was done online and by delivering samples to their door, as it’s important to keep the personal touches; and onsite visits are crucial and had to move onto Zoom, LA Interiors are happy to have been able to keep going through such a difficult time and they are now business as usual. However, there’s no doubt that the future is looking bright for LA Interiors, with plans to move their product offering online. The team find so many interesting products for clients, day in, day out and they would like those items to become available to buy online. And, of course, the company will continue taking the stress out of renovating for clients and making it a fun experience. Company: LA Interiors Ltd Contact: Leia Anastasiou 0044 203 6899828 Website: https://leiaanastasiou.com/