BUILD Q2 2020

BUILD Q2 2020 24 Jan20435 os Angeles based tastemaker, interior designer and furniture designer, Ryan Saghian is the go-to source for sophisticated and edgy interiors and furnishings. However, what really sets Ryan aside from competitors is his age. At only 27, Ryan represents a new emersion of millennial designers with a strong social following and an Instagram fanbase of more than 100,000 and climbing. “My age is the most special thing about me,” he laughs. “In an industry dominated by people aged 30 and above, I am that one guy who can inspire the students, the young designers, the newcomers who want to feel like they can make it too.” Ryan received his Bachelors of Science degree in Interior Architecture from the Art Institute of California, while simultaneously working for the industries top talents before launching his own design firm when he was only 21. His passion and love for the industry provided him with an early start at the young age of 15 with no signs of slowing down. Throughout his career, he has been featured in Elle Décor, Traditional Home, House Beautiful, Architectural Digest, Interiors California, Angeleno, and much more. “When I first started, I felt so intimidated because no one was young and ‘killing it’, or even making waves. Now I am! Which is why I want to inspire the next generation of millennial designers. I am so proud of it and I want to rule the interior design world and inspire a new generation of designers.” Known for his striking design approach, Ryan has become one of today’s most celebrated millennial designers, riding the wave of designing for the top tier. Representing the Persian Jewish community in LA, he specializes in high-end residential design and serves all types of clients, including lawyers, doctors, musicians and actors. In fact, he serves anyone who “likes bold daring design!” But despite his ambition, and the unique selling point that is his youth, he does not believe in competition. “There is enough work for everyone, but what sets me apart is my unequivocal love for the industry as well as my age. I believe that if you love what you do, and you do it with passion, you will always be successful and that’s what makes me successful.” Leader of the Pack With an renowned reputation for seamlessly blending together California Modernism with Old Hollywood opulence, Ryan Saghian is certainly making waves in the field of interior design. Following his recent success in BUILD’s Design and Build Awards 2020, we caught up with Ryan to discover more about his remarkable attention to detail and how he righteously earned himself the title as Best Young Interior Designer in Los Angeles – 2020. L His talents go beyond just Interiors, with a dramatic furniture collection, wallpaper collection, and tabletop collection. In fact, his future plans include more designs, more products and expansion to include international clients too. And whilst he may be successful, but Ryan is quick to praise the efforts of his team and sings their praises. “At the end of the day, we are a family of creatives that feed off each other’s creativity,” he states. “They are everything. I would be no where without my team. They help me execute, stay organised, and stay sane!” Contact: Ryan Saghian Company: Ryan Saghian Interior Design Web Address: