BUILD Q2 2020

BUILD Q2 2020 22 Oct19632 rom inception, House of Design has been creating award-winning designs for countless clients throughout the years. With clients predominantly involved in the food and beverage industry, such as resorts, bars, lounges, clubs and restaurants, Lebanese designer, Suzy Habre, tells us more about how House Of Design came to fruition, detailing the firm’s core values and also its ongoing mission. “I became established after a long span in my career. I built up my name and company step by step and worked very hard, especially during the tough times. However, I never gave up for I believed I was born to be a mother for two beautiful children and a designer too. As such, being established didn’t change me, it just added a bit of structure to things. “My mission is spreading beauty and bringing it to life through positive design and warm environments, with a natural spirit, while having fun while doing so. My core values include honesty, transparency and naturalism in life and in design. “I value life and everything that comes with it especially the natural beauty that is unfortunately becoming rare nowadays. I value technology but not when it becomes the master instead of the tool.” Remaining on the topic of the business, Suzy continues by describing exactly what it is that distinguishes House of Design in its sector and really sets it apart from competitors. “Our selling point is our meticulous follow up on all levels, whether it was a direct concern or an indirect one. We always challenge the client’s opinion constructively to see if the project’s direction will be harmful to its returns in the future, hence it is a well-designed balance between ‘Art’ and ‘Finance’. “This leads us to this simple equation: You can avoid the reality in design but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding this reality. “What makes House of Design successful is the good spirited team work at the office through empowering the team by highlighting their strengths and solidifying their weaknesses. It is working in a mix of a fun yet serious environment which is crucial for Designs Based On Honesty, Transparency And Naturalism An international design agency based in Beirut, House Of Design by Suzy Habre develops interior concepts in the hospitality sector. Following their recent success in BUILD’s 2020 Design & BUILD Awards, we profiled the talented agency to discover how they established themselves as Beirut’s Most Innovative Design Practice – 2020. F everyone’s performance. Our culture is love. Design influences our emotions. It either accelerates our interaction or the contrary, it slows it down.” Ultimately, the future looks bright for the team at House of Design, as they have a number of exiting projects currently in the pipeline going forward. From the firm’s inception, effortlessly delivering first-class concepts has been a primary goal for Suzy and the team at House of Design. However, from the very beginning, there has only been one particular group of people who have truly believed in Suzy and her vision for the business – her family. Bringing the interview to a close, Suzy signs off by revealing the significant role her family have played in the formation of House of Design. “In the end, I would like to thank my brother, Tony Habre. Tony opened the door for me to get into the F&B field and has always remained a huge support in my life for my work and as well for my family.” Contact: Suzy Habre Company: House of Design by Suzy Habre Address: Beirut Harbor 1504 Bldg, 1st Floor, George Haddad St, Saifi, Beirut Central District, Lebanon Telephone: 00961 1 999786 Web Address: HOUSE OF DESIGN S U Z Y H A B R E B Y