BUILD Q2 2020

BUILD Q2 2020 16 Dec19147 stablished in 1992, this Toronto-based design firm has grown exponentially since its humble beginnings. Founded by principal Paul Wright after several years of experience at various other organizations throughout his life, he led the company in a direction of diverse, but hands- on architecture able to handle any number of projects. Now spanning coast to coast, from North to South America, the success of Wright’s business model is clear to see. The team has worked on contracts from the residential to the recreational, from the institutional to the industrial. It has enjoyed a great amount of success in the hospitality industry however, with a great reputation for hotel design across Canada and into the Caribbean. The projects include duplexes in Barbados, an apartment building using reclaimed grey water and solar technology in Grenada, the 6-storey Hilton Hotel that stands by Winnipeg Airport; the first Best Western GLo in Canada and two new resorts currently in design for Grenada. The firm also serves as corporate architects for a major film studio as well as developers. The chance to build overseas is one that the firm has embraced, working on the design for a World Trade Centre in Oman, as well as some innovative assisted housing for the less fortunate in South Africa. A project with which Wright is particularly proud is the restoration of a 200-year-old villa in Barbados. The completed development gained the approval and praise of the local historical society and was featured in local magazines. While the evident skill of the business cannot be in any doubt, it is the high level of service combined with the focus on a reasonable price that ensures repeat clients and an enviable referral rate. The oldest client has followed Wright for 39 years, with Wright undertaking several projects for them through previous firms. This client has continued using his services specifically because of the high-quality result that Wright guarantees. Every project returns to the same basic philosophy of asking questions, communicating clearly and keeping things simple. This is a principle that applies across the business from its relationships with clients to fellow professionals to on-site tradespeople. With a long history of successful projects behind them, the team at ACI Wright are able to draw on a gifted talent pool of consultants in order to deliver a complete service to clients. The positive nature of the relationship between company and consultants is extended to clients who naturally form an important part of any design project. The Wright Stuff The ability to manage a range of project types is becoming increasingly important as the world becomes more and more globalized. Demonstrating this international approach to architecture, Paul Wright of ACI Wright Architecture has seen his work all over the world. In the light of great critical and commercial success, we take a closer look at his company and how he and his team did it. E Looking forward, the future seems positive for ACI Wright, with a great deal of work on the cards to keep the team busy. Far from settling into a comfortable situation, they are happy to work with new clients who take the business further afield into new areas of Canada or into international areas like Barbados and Grenada. Throughout the years, ACI Wright has built itself on loyalty and good results. Both are key to success in the business world, but ACI Wright does it better than most. Building relationships, both with people and with projects, the team is able to elevate a project’s potential into an exceptional finished product. Company: ACI Wright Architects Inc. Contact: Paul Wright Website: