BUILD Q2 2020

BUILD Q2 2020 14 reating the perfect home is no easy task, and the way to finally signing off on a project of that magnitude is a bumpy one. Making the path clearer for customers is Cyprus Homebuilders, specialists in custom home and pool design. Treating every house as a bespoke piece of architecture, every single property is designed to meet the needs of the customer. Cyprus Homebuilders are experienced making houses of all varieties, from villas to bungalows. All projects are designed not only to be a beautiful house, but to make the most of the plot it is built on and the landscape it inhabits. These properties often include swimming pools and patios to make the most of the sunny weather and spectacular views that Cyprus has to offer. The business is well-equipped to handle any repairs to properties or swimming pools as well, with consultation in terms of Land Search and Sale, not to mention Property Surveys. Mainly working with British expats, as well as customers from other European countries, a lot of work is gained through word- of-mouth. Often this is through people who have worked with them before or have heard of their reputation. As a lot of the work is of an international nature, it is not surprising that the firm has taken on some of the strain of the legal process. Cyprus Homebuilders have become quite adept at handling matters such as land purchase and property construction paperwork for those with limited experience of these matters. This is often a service provided free of charge to help customers and ensure the process is a pleasant one. It is this approach that exemplifies the attention to detail Cyprus Homebuilders put into every project. For them, it isn’t about the profit or taking on any job, it’s about being able to maintain the highest level of quality possible, with the intention of exceeding expectations. The team will surprise customers, doing a little Perfection in Paradise Some businesses can’t help but go above and beyond for a client, and one that always makes sure to provide the best care possible is Cyprus Homebuilders. Often working in a large expat market, this talented team not only handle construction, but work their way around the legal difficulties that crop up. It’s for this reason that they’ve been named as 2020’s Most Trusted Construction Specialists – Cyprus in BUILD. C Dec19109 more work than the contract requires, and it is in these small details that huge differences can be made. Family run and family led, this firm keeps all aspects of construction centralised in the power-couple that is Dursun and Anastasia Akpolat. Thoroughly committed to working with no competition, misunderstanding, or lack of communication, every step of the way is carefully designed and planned with the utmost care. Both place themselves at a client’s disposal throughout the process, happily answering any questions that crop up. The pair work on the principle that a happy workplace makes for happy customers, and Cyprus Homebuilders treats its workers like family. Positive feedback, gratitude and surprise bonuses are a major part of how the business works, safe in the knowledge that sincere respect means that sincere loyalty is received in kind. Looking forward, Cyprus Homebuilders wants to maintain the incredible standards it has set for itself, continuing to search for ways to bring its best projects to life. A change in priority has seen customers turning to flats, as they are easier to maintain with no gardens, pools or painting. Similarly, an increasing amount of the clients that the team at Cyprus Homebuilders have built their business on are returning to the UK. For a company as dynamic as this, it merely means having to be more resourceful in keeping the circle of customers sustainable. Dream houses in dream locations don’t come about very often, but that’s very much the business that Cyprus Homebuilders have made for themselves. Committed to creating perfection in paradise, there’s nothing quite like it. Company: Cyprus Homebuilders Contact: Dursun Akpolat Website: