BUILD Q2 2020

BUILD Q2 2020 12 he design of a residential house is a chance to come up with something new. It’s a chance to explore new ways of working for a specific audience, such as that of a family. Taking the conditions of a worksite and the preference of the family, Natalia and Irina have the chance to create something that meets the needs of a family, and is something a little different from the norm. In several years of designing houses, the team at Art&Brick have yet to create one layout that is like another. Every building created is bespoke. With each project, their company has grown in confidence, in reputation and in stature. While applying their own creative spin on properties, every effort is made to ensure that clients have the opportunity to share what they want to incorporate, and it is this natural collaboration that has brought Art&Brick such success. When Art&Brick begin to work with a client, the process resembles a jigsaw. Many disparate pieces, from the customer, their needs, preferences and budget, must be brought together and combined, its geography, general and private circumstances, its possibilities and where it is located. Only once each element has been put together can the complete image be made. This is often a compromise between budget, construction quality and aesthetics. Art&Brick proudly designs its properties in different styles, depending on the customer. Typically, the influences that guide its chief architects forward are Frank Lloyd Write, as well as the American style, Minimalism and the Scandinavian approach. This attitude to design has built in an effortless flexibility that means solutions can be sought from many different sources. Something special that Art&Brick bring to the table for clients is the ability to project manage. Over the years, the company has managed to build exceptional working relationships with a wide range of professionals with impeccable portfolios. Each of these specialists represents an important part of the production pipeline, and every one of these designers, constructors, engineers and visualizers has their part to play. Looking forward, the team at Art&Brick want to work collaboratively with other offices in different countries. Currently, they are working successfully with the Spanish bureau, designing townhouses on a site with relatively difficult conditions. Working together has Making Houses into Homes The design of residential buildings presents new challenges each and every time. It’s a job that founders of Art&Brick, Natalia Strel and Irina Grebneva thrive on. Specialising in the design of country houses and cottages, it comes as no surprise that this Russian-based dynamic duo has gone on to make a name for themselves in the industry. We take a closer look at their work to find out more. T allowed the team to develop new solutions that wouldn’t come up if working independently, with the international connection resulting in more creative outcomes. The challenges that face this boutique firm are a lack of demand for the design of large country houses. Understandably this has led to the team undertaking work in other areas such as interior design, equipment and construction and repair work. Similarly, as construction companies begin to introduce house design into their business model, it becomes more and more difficult to challenge their significantly lower budgets and impressive online advertising and SEO promotion. The joy with which Art&Brick head into every project is infectious, with a passion for impressive design and making people happy. What sets the team apart is a determination to design the best of the best, turning problems that occur with any project into a feature that lifts it even higher. Despite challenges in some areas, the global approach that the company has started to take is one that will bring its work to an international audience. Company: Art&Brick Contact: Irina Grebneva or Natalia Strel. Website: Dec19028 Irina Grebneva Natalia Strel