BUILD Q2 2019

BUILD Q2 2019 96 Jan19225 ince their inception, Roncone Design Studio’s overall objective is to make every decision, every step and every dream of their clients’ come true. When Giuseppe started the company, he thought for a long time about how to be an effective company which would be able to compete on the market. Remaining focused on all the necessities of the client, Gi- useppe built every project he worked on around the requests of the client, altering his work to satisfy their requirements. Many of the clients which Giuseppe works with understand that they will not be forced into liking a project presented to them, and so it allows them the opportunity to be 100% involved in the process, enabling them to feel at ease with the overall thing. Speaking of the clients, Giuseppe begins by informing of the clients the firm serves, and how they ensure they provide a service which surpasses their expectations. “Here at Roncone Design Studio, our clients vary from young couples hoping to create their dream home to families looking to expand their house. My approach to every project is the same, I never apply a standard price for every person. Instead, I build the estimate based upon their requests and the time that I run over on them.” Turning Dream Designs into Reality Roncone Design Studio specialises in home design, especially both architecture and interior, across the world. Following their success in the Design & Build Awards, we caught up with CEO & Founder, Giuseppe Roncone who revealed to us the innerworkings of the innovative firm. S Having started the firm on his own with just a PC and 2GB graphics card, Giuseppe built the firm from the ground up, help- ing his friends on small projects that they have. Now, Giuseppe has a team supporting him in creating award-winning designs for clients. When discussing the team, Giuseppe highlights how much both him and the firm have grown since its inception. “In the first year, I had reached around 40 new clients, then in the following years, we were in the top five design studios in our city and one of the top 40 of the whole region. My staff plays an important role in the firm’s overall success. They provide me with the opportunity to focus on the final objective without having to fight with the preliminary obstacles. Also, they support me and are patient with me, but are also a continuous source of inspiration.” Moving forward, Giuseppe signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline of the firm, especially following their recent success in BUILD’s Design & Build Awards where they were selected as the Ones to Watch in Italy. “Looking ahead to what the future holds, our projects for 2019 are very ample. We have designed two important commercial brands and we aim to expand them to the whole nation to cre- ate a chain of franchising. Also, we hope to develop a new way to conceive the 3D Augmented Reality technology for offering performant services to our clients on a more regular basis.” Contact: Giuseppe Roncone - CEO & Founder Company: Roncone Design Studio Address: Street De Laurentis 14 - 70124 – Bari, Italy Telephone: +39 3923 428 928 Website: Facebook: Roncone Design Studio Instagram: rds_designstudio