BUILD Q2 2019

89 Q2 2019 BUILD hether it’s stripping back an inherited armchair and giving it a new life for another generation, or simply changing the fabric of a sofa to make over a living space, Take Cover Upholstery allows clients to really take control of their living environment in a way that just buying an ‘on the shelf’ product could never allow. Take Cover Upholstery works closely with interior designers or di- rectly with the client to customise their furniture, usually focusing on vibrant colours, bold patterns and rich textures of fabric. Not only does the company work alongside their client, but they also offer them bold choices which, in turn, brings new ideas to the traditional idea of the ‘upholstery industry’. Going into further de- tail about the clients that they serve, Hayley begins by informing us of the diverse range of clients, and projects, that she worked with, allowing her to accumulate and impressive portfolio. “Here at Take Cover Upholstery, we work with everyone from el- derly people who have held on to their furniture for a lifetime, to new cafe owners who want an exciting professional workplace. In addition to this, we have also worked with yacht owners and a company who customises campervans, as such flexibility is an important cornerstone of the business.” Although the firm is still relatively new, they been able to grow rapidly due to their dazzling customer service and creative solutions for beloved, old furniture pieces. When discussing the key qualities which enables Take Cover Upholstery to be the growing success as we know it today, Hayley highlights the advantage that being a small company, has on the overall success it is today. “Take Cover Upholstery is a small, fledgling business which al- lows a level of flexibly which larger companies may not be able to offer. Being a new business that’s still adapting and growing, means that we are able to work closely with the clients to fulfil their vision and surpass their expectations.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, Haley is keen to see how Take Cover Upholstery will bloom, especially as the firm was only established in 2018 and has recently been selected in BUILD’s Design & Build Awards where they were selected as the Ones to Watch in the UK. JAN19444 Breathing New Life into Old Furniture Take Cover Upholstery is a small, independent upholsterer based in Bristol, UK. Following their success the Design & Build Awards, we profiled the creative firm and caught up with Hayley Griffith who revealed how Take Cover are transforming old furniture into vibrant pieces, perfect for brightening up any home. W “Moving forwards, we are hoping to successfully navigate these first few years of business by building a solid customer base and becoming a familiar presence in the local community. “As for 2019, it is going to be a year of further establishing the business within Bristol and the South West. Bristol has such a vibrant creative community which we would like to get more involved with through collaborative projects and beginning to make small soft furnishings which can be sold through inde- pendent retailers.” Contact: Hayley Griffith Company: Take Cover Upholstery Address: 14 Colston Yard, Bristol, BS1 5BD, United Kingdom Telephone: 07793864708 Website: