BUILD Q2 2019

23 Q2 2019 BUILD wner and Designer, Kay Alessi, started the company in 2014 after extensively remodelling her own home. With a background in both Business and Interior Design, she felt she could bring something unique to her clients. “While remodeling our home, I worked with some really terrific people, many of which still work with us today. We also worked with some people that weren’t the best. It is my goal to provide a better experience for our clients going through home renovations.” The company specializes in remodels & renovations, big and small, as well as custom furniture and décor. Kay loves working with clients from various walks of life, helping them create a space they can feel comfortable in and enjoy. Her clients certainly have plenty of nice things to say when asked about working with Kay and Alessi Custom Design. Client Jen Belding shares that “working with Kay was a dream! She is experienced, responsive, knowledgeable and only works with contractors that she trusts and values. I look forward to working with her on future projects!” Having grown up in a large family, Kay learned the value of working hard and working within a budget. “We didn’t have a lot of extra money, but my mom taught me that even on a budget, quality is important. That has stuck with me over the years; one of many great lessons learned from my parents. While I love beautiful design elements, furniture & décor, I also want to ensure it is always good quality and that we’re getting that quality for a fair price.” Carrie Poppelaars who recently remodelled her bathroom with Alessi Custom Design agrees, saying “Kay listened to what we were looking for and gave us suggestions that were both beautiful and budget friendly. She was realistic with her timeline and budget which was very refreshing!” Collaboration with the right professionals is key to her success. Alessi Custom Design works alongside trusted contractors & suppliers who not only provide quality craftsmanship at fair prices but are also good people to work with. “It’s important to me that anyone I am working with on a project be someone that I would be happy to have in my own home. Over the years, I’ve learned that if I don’t feel that way about a contractor, they aren’t going to be a good fit for our clients. I love how we’ve become a team of small businesses working together to deliver the best to our clients.” They’ve also built great relationships with manufacturers and suppliers for everything from custom furniture to building materials. This enables Alessi Custom Design to ensure everything is of the highest quality and will work to create a unique space that clients can be proud of for years to come. Those relationship also ensure that when there O is an issue with a service or product, those industry partners make it right. The firm’s tagline “Creating Beautiful Spaces” highlights one of Alessi Custom Design’s primary goals: healping clients create beautiful spaces that meet their needs and exceed their expectations. A long-time client of Alessi Custom Design, Mary Jo Webb, says “one of our favorite projects, that we’ve completed with Kay, was furnishing and decorating a comfortable and inviting family room space where we can entertain guests or relax as a family. The room now reflects our style and has a great feeling to the space. It was a pleasure to work with a designer who took time to understand our personal style and design goals, then brought them to reality.” Although the overall outcome of every project is of paramount importance, the team at Alessi Custom Design also believes that the experience is critical. “We want each of our clients to feel they are receiving exceptional service and attention, ensuring they feel comfortable with and supported throughout the entire process. It’s inevitable that you’re going to run into a challenge or two with any project, we see it as our job to do whatever we can to alleviate those headaches, finding solutions that will remedy the issue.” This is another area where they feel the industry partnerships they’ve created are critical to their success. Clients Ray & Melissa Adams say they were “very intimidated by the prospect of a complete home remodel; Kay’s guidance helped ensure that we finished on time and on budget. There isn’t a day that goes by when we don’t feel so lucky to call this our home. Her contractors are truly best in class, which is a testament to their respect for Kay. She and her team delivered peace of mind before, during and after the project.” Looking to the future, Alessi Custom Design is planning to launch a new division called Beautiful Spaces . This will be a new entity, focused exclusively on selling furniture and décor online to a larger client base. Kay believes “this will be an exciting new chapter for our company, drawing on our passion for creating those beautiful spaces, while serving more clients. While we’ve been able to complete a few projects out of state, I believe there are so many people out there looking for unique quality furniture & décor for their home and it’s our hope to be able to bring that to them at an affordable price.” Their hope is to get their new website, up and running in 2019. Beyond that, they are planning to open a store in the coming years in the Palm Springs area where Kay and her husband Tom plan to retire. “The long term goal is that eventually our son Nathan will take the lead on the remodels and renovations after getting a degree in Construction Management, while our daughters, Caitlyn & Jordyn, help run the design business and store. With Nathan still in high school, we’ve got a few years before that can happen…but it’s the goal! Meanwhile, we’re enjoying the journey.” Company: Alessi Custom Design, LLC Facebook: Instagram: Website: Stay tuned for to be launching later this year!