BUILD Q2 2019

BUILD Q2 2019 16 1810BU01 ince inception, Hannah Wehbeh Interior Design have created distinctive, bespoke and creative interiors for both the commercial and domestic markets. The creative design company raises the expectation of what consumers look for in public spaces. Hannah Wehbeh Interior Design primarily works on commercial premises which include cultural centres, museums, theatres, libraries, hotels, cafes, restaurants, health clubs, golf clubs, in the UK and abroad. Going into further detail, Hannah begins by informing us of the areas the company specialises within, touching on some of the key qualities the team possesses which enables them to be a success within their respected industry. “Creating public spaces that are intimate, creative and exciting but also have a distinct atmosphere gently reflecting the vision of the client/end user - this is my passion. “Here at Hannah Wehbeh Interior Design, we cover everything within an interior in terms of the finishes, fit-out and furniture, but we also consider the signage and branding to develop the interior as something that reflects that. We pride ourselves in a can-do approach and hope to build good relationships with all the teams we work on. “One of our most revered traits is that we go above and beyond what people expect from a public space. Thereby creating something much more beautiful, detailed and textured, to suit the end user and the target audience.” Speaking of the clients, the types of clients that the team works alongside differ depending on the project the firm are working on. The majority of Hannah Wehbeh Interior Design’s clients comprise council, architects or the facilities management team who want to create a proposal that works for that premises, as Hannah explains. “By its nature, each response has to be bespoke because every project is different. We begin by listening; listening to each different team, whether that is an end user or the public. The interior finish and fit out must be functional and beautiful, as well as meet the budget and needs of the client.” Helping Hannah to deliver a piece which is beyond the expecta- tions of their clients is the passionate and talented team which forms the backbone of Hannah Wehbeh Interior Design. When Creating Spaces and Transforming Places Hannah Wehbeh Interior Design creates distinctive and bespoke interior design for residential and commercial spaces. Recently, we profiled the firm and spoke to Hannah Wehbeh who provided us with a detailed insight into the innovative and striking designs she creates for her clients. S discussing the internal culture, Hannah is keen to highlight how she selects some of the most skilled individuals to help her deliver an exceptional service to clients, fulfilling their design requests and creating a truly extraordinary premise. “Ultimately, I have great back up team, including admin and accounts. However, the teams of decorators, build and strip out, electricians and plumbers, are the people who make it work. I choose people who are superb at their job, good to have onsite, and who keep the project running to time, adapting depending on any problems that arise.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, Hannah signs off by revealing the exciting projects which she is due to work on and will soon add to her already impressive portfolio. Moving forward, Hannah and the team will therefore continue to build upon their remarkable success which has seen them achieve numerous accolades, which includes being selected in BUILD’s 2018 Global Excellence Awards for the Cultural Project of the Year - Storyhouse, Chester. “Currently, I am looking forward to working on a library theatre development in the Netherlands. The recent proposal I devel- oped for their team was successful in gaining funding form their council. There is also an exciting cultural centre development that is just waiting on the funds being agreed. Additionally, we are also looking to expand our capacity - I am working with a great development team on the second project for a health club chain, and so we are looking to take that forward in 2019.” Company: Hannah Wehbeh Interior Design Name: Hannah Wehbeh Telephone: 07887845650 Web Address: