BUILD Q2 2019

105 Q2 2019 BUILD Dec18245 Supported By A Winning Combination Aspray help people make successful building insurance claims. Recently the firm were selected in BUILD’s Build Awards where they were selected as Best in Industry Claims Management. On the back of this win, we profiled Aspray and caught up with Andrea Loasby, Aspray Director who provided us with a detailed insight into the award-winning firm. Bringing the interview to a close, Laura touches on a topic which is not commonly known regarding the health and safety of tradespeople who are working on site. “Under the terms of legislation introduced in 2013, homeowners actually become responsible for the health and safety of trades- people working on repairs such as re-roofing, rewiring, refitting a kitchen and so on. The law makes the homeowner the re- sponsible person for the project, unless they appoint someone else to be the project leader. If more consumers knew this, we believe more would instruct a loss assessor like ourselves, thus removing that legal obligation from their shoulders.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, the team at Aspray have just commissioned their own research survey into home insurance and awareness of the role that loss assessors like themselves play. Laura signs off by revealing some of the excit- ing plans which lie in the pipeline for the firm. “Moving forward, we shall be carrying out a public awareness campaign named “Take the ‘I’ out of Claim” to help property owners understand their rights. What was interesting was the fact that it was the higher-earning respondents who were least aware that they could have representation through a loss assessor. More of those earning over £40,000 a year also felt there was no difference between a loss assessor and a loss adjuster (12%). Interestingly, more of this wealth group also believed they would have to pay commission to have a loss assessor represent them. At Aspray, that is not the case and our service can be free-of-charge, if our approved and vetted contractors are used for the repair and reinstatement works.” Company: Aspray Ltd Web Address: stablished in 2005, Aspray dynamically manages res- idential and commercial property damage insurance claims, for policyholders nationwide, through a team of experienced claims handlers at head office and an external network of loss assessors, based UK-wide. The team at Aspray aim to get policyholders their fair entitlement from their insurance policy, as well as ensuring that the repairs and reinstatement works that have to be carried out are done so with first-class workmanship and professionalism. Over the years, Aspray has dealt with property claims that arise for a wide variety of reasons. Some are weather-related, others relate to fire, escapes of water or vehicle impacts to name but a few. Laura begins by going into further detail about how the team assist those who have been affected by damages to their property. “Here at Aspray, we aim to take the hassle away from the home or commercial premises owner, and represent them in negotia- tions with their insurer or the insurer’s loss adjuster. “We instruct our own team of vetted contractors to carry out agreed repairs, supervise and oversee all of the schedule of works, ensuring the property owner can go about their daily business and not be troubled by having to deal with their insurer and their claim. Then we invoice the insurer for the works car- ried out. All the insured policyholder needs to pay is the excess that they agreed with their insurer when buying their policy.” Enabling the firm to deliver such a meticulously detailed level of service, is the passionate team which forms the backbone of Aspray. When discussing the internal culture, Laura is keen to highlight the significant role the team play in the overall success of the firm. “Our staff and in-the-field loss assessors are absolutely funda- mental to our success, as they are on the frontline, dealing with the customer and the insurer but also acting as our public face. The service they deliver is crucial to our success. Without them and their dedication, we could not operate our business model. They are dedicated, professional and selfless, and we are incredibly proud of them and their commitment.” E