BUILD Q2 2019

BUILD Q2 2019 100 Feb19412 stablished in 2000, My Healthy Home ® has been committed to improving homes across America offer- ing mold testing, indoor air testing, consultations and healthy home products within the continental United States. My Healthy Home ® believes environmental factors are a determinant of health. As such, the firm’s main goal is to help improve the living conditions in homes to help achieve optimal wellness among their clients. My Healthy Home ® focuses pri- marily on identifying unhealthy conditions in the home through consultations and testing. They also provide healthy solutions to improve indoor air quality in the home. Company Strives To Improve Individual Wellness By Creating Healthier Homes My Healthy Home ® is a U.S. based product and services company helping to create healthy homes, improves indoor air quality and strives to improve wellness among its clientele. Following their success in the Home Builder Awards 2019 as the Leading Providers of Premium Air Quality Products - USA, we profiled My Healthy Home ® to discover more about how the firm are dedicated to improving wellness through home environments. E One of My Healthy Home ® ’s most recent product launch is the ‘Examinair ® Professional Mold and Allergen Test Kit’. This is an all-in-one testing kit for homeowners, physicians and indoor air quality professionals which contains easy to use air sampling equipment that enables anyone to test their residential air quality for mold, allergens, pollen and dander. Not only does it supply the consumer with fast accurate lab results in less than two days, but it also helps to determine problems in the home that may be contributing to poor wellness. Speaking of the consumers, My Healthy Home ® emphasizes open communication. The firm believes it is important to offer constant feedback and support, especially when dealing with clients pertaining to health and wellness topics. Their website offers an “ask the expert” section that allows consumers to ask questions about their homes and receive responses from a certified residential environmental consultant. In addition to this, My Healthy Home ® also ensures that their clients can reach out to them anytime to receive the customer support they deserve. Looking ahead to what the future holds, the team at My Healthy Home ® hope to continue to engage in collaboration with various corporations who share the same strong and personal com- mitment towards health and well-being. Moving forward, the firm are currently in the process of pursuing work with a vast selection of companies to make healthy homes a norm with the marketplace, which will hopefully help to reduce healthcare costs with preventive solutions. Company: My Healthy Home ® Web Address: My Healthy Home President & Founder Caroline Blazovsky