BUILD Q2 2018

41 Q2 2018 Build “We are very grateful to Innovate UK for their support in an area of research and development which is a key part of the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy. “We are also grateful and privileged to work with many forward-thinking client organisations who are transforming their business models and from whom, we are learning a great deal and working collaboratively with them in developing solutions in our areas of expertise. Paul concluded: “Each market and each client have bespoke needs and our R&D team are highly experienced in creating ‘blended’ technologies and integration API’s to build upon the platforms and capabilities that we have already established over a number of years. “We are already working with some of the biggest clients in their respec- tive sectors which will see technology-led engineering services push many traditional engineering ways of working, aside. “The industry can expect some big announcements on Waldeck’s AI and API solutions being utilised in major projects and programmes in the year ahead.” For more inforemation on the Technologie we offer, please call us 08450 990285 or visit