BUILD Q2 2018

33 Q2 2018 Build Company: Soluri Architecture Contact: Andre Soluri Address: 303th Avenue Suite 1702, New York, New York, 10016, USA Phone: 001 212 686 5002 Website: “Here at Soluri Architecture, we take a deep dive to analyse and understand our clients, and then filter that information through Our proprietary design meth- odology was developed to provoke innovative solutions to the complex problems we are asked to solve.” Overall, at the heart of the firm’s achievements has been the team’s innovation and striking ability to deliver excellent customer service. Andre has expertise across the industry, and is looking to lead his team in becoming an established leader throughout the sector. Lastly, Andre has been accepted into the highly competitive Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program and is currently working his way through this unique program which is designed to provoke business owners to develop growth opportunities that will transform their company and create exponen- tial growth. He is currently developing an opportunity that will take advantage of current market trends and transform our firm into a larger multidisciplinary practice that includes and engages real estate development.