Q1 2024

BUILD Q1 2024 Amica Smart Homes is a Somersetbased company passionate about creating truly intelligent homes through the installation of expert automation systems years in the making. Operating in the industry for more than 5 years and bolstered by owners whose direct industry experience spanning more than 30 years, Best Home Automation Company 2024 - South West England recipient Amica Smart Homes is confident in its ability to tackle any system or take on any project with pride. Co-Founder Arron Gilder talks to us in order to provide further insight into the company’s high standards and expert knowledge about the inner workings of the industry. When Co-Founders Arron Gilder and Ben Toser combined their expertise to establish Amica Smart Homes in 2017, they did so atop of previous experience working for other home automation companies, firm in the belief that they could offer better than their former employers. It was their mutual passion and varied skillsets that made this partnership so effective, with Ben’s electrical and mechanical background nicely complementing Arron’s design and programming excellence. Their 28 combined years working in the industry helped things too, serving as the catalyst for the high calibre of work that the company has undertaken ever since. Amica views a smart home differently to what consumers might first associate the term as connoting, this being a dwelling filled with a series of industry-billed smart home products. As Arron explains, “most [of these] are off-the-shelf gadgets that only serve one or two purposes and that typically all rely on a decent internet connection to work.” Rather, Amica’s approach to its systems and installations takes into consideration a number of factors, with a self-sufficient system utilised that controls lighting, heating, ventilation, and blinds in a handy, all-in-one solution. Convenience is too important, thus at any time the tapping of a switch can override these settings, and an app is also available, as a last resort. The company’s systems are not relying on, nor even need, an internet connection, as all the relevant information and automation protocols are stored directly inside the building and managed by the owner. The aforementioned app thus comes in useful for checking the system, but it is important for the team that homeowners are not simply checking their phone all of the time to tweak settings, as this defeats the point of automation in their eyes. This serves in direct contrast to the ethos of many larger companies, whose methods usually revolve around needlessly complicating the process with their own way of doing things and closed-off systems. Amica’s solutions are also incredibly efficient and sustainable, as is the wider company, with decisions being made based on their sustainability level, even regarding matters as simple as which parcel company to use. For each project Arron and the team undertake carbon footprint and CO2 calculations beforehand, with this figure subsequently being offset thanks to a carbon offsetting company planting trees on Amica’s behalf. Sustainability is set to be a key factor well into the future of not only the firm, but also the wider industry, and Amica’s upcoming plans to make even homes without automation systems more energy efficient and comfortable underpin this dedication. Several projects are in the works that similarly offer the company’s unique and bespoke approach to the individual, with each including intelligent lighting, heating, security, shading, and energy management solutions. Arron also emphasises the importance of solar generation, storage, and managing usage, explaining, “we will be monitoring and managing all the generated power, stored power, and grid power to divert the energy in the home to different areas depending on what's important at any one time.” This is ultimately representative of true automation, as too is the ability of these solutions to carry out acts such as shutting the water off when a leak is detected or slowly opening the blinds to wake a person up. Client testimonials serve only to fortify the company’s claims, with one Google review stating, “I have […] found that my questions or requests for slight changes have always been dealt with quickly and helpfully. I would highly recommend Arron and Amica Smart Homes to anyone considering a smart home project, you won’t regret it!” This insight showcases the team’s involvement across the process, with them being available to make changes long after the build has been completed. It is for these reasons that Amica Smart Homes has been championed as the Best Home Automation Company 2024 - South West England. Contact: Arron Gilder Company: Amica Smart Homes Web Address: https://www.amicasmarthomes.com/ Smart Homes Done Smarter