Q1 2023

BUILD Q1 2023 8 Jul22631 he challenge of working in design and construction often goes beyond the practicalities of delivery. With enough resources, anything can be built in almost any timeframe. What sets the good apart from the best, therefore, is the ability to create a stunning result that meets a specific set of needs on a predetermined budget. More than simply overcoming logistical issues, Ei Construcción has thrived thanks to an approach which always takes the needs of the client into account. Right from the start, it’s worth considering that the Ei Construcción team often don’t go out to tender for a project. Their skill and ingenuity are renowned throughout the industry, giving the team the ability to very much choose what projects they undertake. Clients often come to them with exciting ideas that they develop and collaborate on. Key to what Ei Construcción bring to any job is an innovative edge that sets them apart from the competition. With 32 years of experience in the industry, there are very few challenges they haven’t faced, and even fewer they have yet to overcome. The team’s incredible skill has reached out into bold new areas, with the team offering their services in Mexico, Texas and New Mexico. If a project involves design, construction, and facilities contracts, Ei Construcción has the technical ability to make it work. The immense value that they bring to any project is clear from the way in which they are such effective collaborators. Over the years, the team has learned that the easiest way to guarantee 100% satisfaction is to make sure that everybody’s expectations are the same. The time spent perfecting a design on paper is saved tenfold once the construction process begins. New projects showcase the attitude of the Ei Construcción team particularly well, especially the way in which they investigate and integrate the ideas behind the building. For them, the client’s brief is only one part of the puzzle. Just as important is understanding precisely what is required of them once the project has been complete so that the team is able T With an eye for innovation at all times, Ei Construcción has made a name for itself as a leading provider of design and construction services. Their collaborative spirit stands apart from the crowd. With such success behind them in the Construction and Engineering Awards, we thought it time to dig a little deeper into the secrets of this intrepid team’s many and remarkable achievements. Best Cross-Border Industrial/ Commercial Infrastructure Construction – USA-Mexico