Q1 2023

21 Q1 2023 BUILD Oct22605 Making Houses Into Homes There is little more personal to us than where we live. Our homes define who we are, and can have an enormous effect on how we feel. Drawing on international ideas, the Nielsen House team have managed interior design projects that have transformed properties from houses we live in to homes we love. In the BUILD - Design & Build Awards 2022, the team were named Best Bespoke Interior Design Studio 2022 - North West England. We take a closer look to see if we can uncover some of the secrets of their success. hen Nielsen House take on a project, they always begin in the same place – the needs of the client. No two houses can ever be the same, because no two clients are. Each project undertaken by the team is bespoke, with detailed work undertaken to ensure that the final product meets the needs, inspirations and desires that the individual needs. When it comes to the detail that makes houses into homes, Nielsen House is the place to turn. Whilst based in the Lake District, the team are proud to take on inspiration from around the world. This globally minded approach has been crucial to developing the bespoke interior design boutique which is earned such tremendous success. Each project is tailored the individual and their lifestyle. This means not only considering the final result and how it will look, but the way in which it is managed too. Such care and attention is typical of this talented team. With a team that boasts over twenty years of expertise, there is very little that the Nielsen House team haven’t tackled. They specialise in creating and curating an environment which breeds positivity. The perfect combination of colours, textures and light can have an incredible impact on how we live, and the team pride themselves on discovering imaginative solutions that stand apart. Details without over-embellishment is the order of the day at all times, with the Nielsen House seemingly effortlessly striking a balance that is to be celebrated. Over the years, Nielsen House has grown into a firm which can call on professionals from a host of different backgrounds. Before creator and director Sarah Nielsen opened the firm, for example, she had gained a wealth of expertise at a southern Knightsbridge firm of architects, Michael Lyell Associates. Her timeless and warm style has been seen internationally, with properties in London, Moscow, Paris, Saudi Arabia and particularly new build developments in the Middle East. W Her team are equally qualified, with staff who have always sought to bring fresh ideas to the table for clients to thrill over and for Sarah to incorporate into new pieces. Creating a vision doesn’t require one person, it needs a team who are committed to developing the ideas and themes involved to create something extraordinary. That, in many ways, is why the projects that the Nielsen House team are involved in are so highly regarded. They go beyond what was initially promised into the realms of the extraordinary. We all have expectations when we hire in experts, in the field of design. The simple secret of Nielsen House is that the team always aim to exceed these expectations in the subtlest of ways. They offer a way of thinking that not only inspires, but meets the most stringent of deadlines and manages the tightest of budgets. The delightful combination of professionalism and creativity has put them in good stead for many projects yet to come. Company: Nielsen House Name: Steve Howard Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.nielsenhouse.co.uk