Q1 2023

16 BUILD Q1 2023 Jun22327 LEDs have quickly become the option of choice when it comes to lighting properties in the 21st Century. As a leading provider of services in the field, the team at LEDCONN have made their names in backlighting and edge-lit illumination. We take a closer look at the triumphant achievements of the team over the years, which have led to their recognition in the Architecture Awards 2022. et there be light! The epitome of luxury lighting comes from an approach which draws the eye to wherever the designer chooses. Achieving this sort of stunning effect, however, can only be the result of finding a process which is as flexible and creative as the best designers. LEDs have revolutionised how designers think, offering a credible alternative to single-source solutions. Few understand this attitude better than the team at LEDCONN. LEDCONN has long been successful working on the unique challenges that designers face when trying to build illumination within both small and large spaces. With customisation at the heart of what the team offers, it’s little wonder that LEDCONN has earned a reputation for excellence amongst the design community, as they bring new ideas and concepts that celebrate the full range of lighting solutions. In order to have the greatest impact, the LEDCONN team thrive when they are involved in a project from an early stage. Working closely with designers and suppliers, the team are able to easily push the boundaries of what LED lighting can achieve. More than experts in their specific niche, the team act as partners to their clients to make their creative vision come to life. As such, a project management team with a host of experience is available for use, allowing designers to streamline the development process and ensure that both practical and artistic demands are met. Again, this support begins at the development stage and runs through installation. With fifteen years of expertise in the industry, there is very little (if anything!) the LEDCONN team has not encountered. Over a host of architectural and commercial projects, they have honed their skills to perfection allowing customers to benefit from a knowledge and wisdom in the sector that is truly second to none. The LEDCONN team are known for their hands-on approach which ensures that their lighting engineers manage the installation to the high standards that their customers expect. This dedication to every project has ensured that the team are always at the forefront of the industry. It has earned them tremendous respect, which can be seen in their continued success. Whilst specialists in their own specific field, it’s clear that what sets LEDCONN apart from the competition is the ability of team members to collaborate and build effectively with others. A holistic vision of what is to come is most important, and why the team have been able to bring so many wonderful projects to fruition. L For the LEDCONN team, the future is bright indeed. Bespoke LED lighting solutions have become the norm throughout the industry, embraced by designers for their flexibility when it comes to implementing creative solutions. Having set such an incredible standard of work, the future is not a matter of adding new projects or developing new systems, but refining the amazing standards they have already set. LEDCONN products are synonymous with the highest quality and the best possible service, before, during and after installation, but there is always room to improve, and the LEDCONN team are always aiming to raise the bar with their “Of Course We Can!” attitude. Company: LEDCONN Contact: Charlene Song Email: [email protected] Website: www.ledconn.com LEDCONN Best Bespoke LED Lighting Solutions Manufacturer 2022 & Best Completed LED Ceiling Installation 2022: Denton High School