Q1 2023

12 BUILD Q1 2023 Nov22201 aking changes to your home – for example, adding an extension or converting the loft – can be a great way to increase its value or shape it to your needs. However, it can be an expensive process, what with the need for planning permission, materials, and labour. It’s vital to hire a company that is affordable whilst also being reliable. Design Spec Ltd. is a fixed-fee architecture company that prioritises customer service; in essence, the company believes that a great service can be provided on a fixed-fee basis across the nation. Design Spec Ltd. works on a diverse range of projects, from blocks of flats to single internal steel beams or visuals, and it makes itself unique by offering any service, at any size, for a fixed fee. Furthermore, the firm also offers an unlimited design stage for all homeowners. This has proved to be a necessity and has created several tangible benefits; for example, as many tend to struggle to know what they want, this process allows Design Spec Ltd. to cycle through a plethora of ideas before pushing the project forward. This process manifested through Design Spec Ltd.’s passion for people – the company hires great people and works for great people. The company’s team is wholly devoted to providing a premium service, and they are enthusiastic about collaborating with clients on their dream homes. Design Spec Ltd. believes that whilst most Architectural Project Managers boast an abundance of valuable design experience, they lack the ability to listen to the client’s needs. As such, by hiring Project Managers with a limited design background, Design Spec Ltd. ensures that its hires have exceptional people skills, resulting in clients loving working with the company and ultimately leaving positive reviews. By maintaining a strong and stable relationship with both its team and its clients, Design Spec Ltd. has secured its success for the long-term, and this provided a number of benefits throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Design Spec Ltd. was able to adapt, with its most notable improvement being the uptake of new technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, which – prior to the outbreak – seemed like a luxury and was largely an afterthought. Now, these technologies are considered as a necessity alongside the planning and building control applications, which are fundamental to Design Spec Ltd.’s work. M Each of these factors define Design Spec Ltd. as something truly unique; the company is unlike anything else in the industry. The clients come first: this is an idea that echoes throughout everything the firm does, from implementing a fixed-fee system to the way in which it conducts itself whilst working on projects. In turn, Design Spec Ltd. has earned the accolade Architecture Firm of the Year 2023 - United Kingdom, a title of which it is most deserving. For the future, Design Spec Ltd. has an exciting new sister company launching, called Design Spec Construction, which will inevitably propel it even further into success. Design Spec Construction will guide each homeowner through to the end phase of each build, so they know that everything will be taken care of properly – with a calm, steady hand, respect for all of their wishes, and to the highest standard imaginable. Additionally, Design Spec Ltd. would love more people to join the #ArchitecturalRevolution. Its journey has only just begun! Contact: James Collinson Company: Design Spec Ltd. Web Address: https://www.designspec.co.uk/ Architecture Firm of the Year 2023 – United Kingdom Design Spec Ltd. offers impeccable architecture services with a twist – each service is available for a fixedfee, making architectural developments more accessible and affordable. The firm, which is headquartered in Hockley, offers its solutions to homeowners across the nation, and through doing so, it has changed the face of the architecture industry.