Q1 2022

41 Q1 2022 BUILD Inspirational Designs to Fuel Your Imagination When Holly Markham travelled to Europe in the 90’s she was captivated by the European design aesthetic. Her fascination sparked a flame and Holly founded her business, European Home in 1999. Today, European Home supplies a network of over 350 dealers with high-quality modern fireplaces. European Home is our Leading Manufacturer of Contemporary Fireplaces, 2021. here’s nothing more luxurious than a modern fireplace. Often the focal point of a room, it provides warmth and comfort as well as complimenting the overall design of the space. European Home is both a manufacturer and distributor of high-end fireplaces. Its goal is to bring the clean and modern look of European designs to consumers in North America. The Massachusetts based company is the exclusive distributor for iconic luxury fireplace brands Element4, technical trendsetters from the Netherlands, Evonicfires, leaders in the most realistic electric flames, and Focus Fires, designer of iconic suspended fireplaces based in Southern France. European Home also designs and manufactures its own stunning range vent-free models at its factory in New Hampshire. After more than 20 years in business and with a strong focus on not only selling products but also providing servicing and in-life support too, it’s easy to see why European Home remains an example of the best the industry has to offer. European Home selects its dealers with care. Representative for the company, Liz Lee, tells us, “Our dealers not only sell and install our products, but they’re also required to support them through their life. We don’t want one of our fireplaces installed in a home and then have the homeowner left unsupported if a problem arises. It’s all part of our core value of standing behind our products.” With an outstanding reputation in its field, European Home finds most of its new clients by word-of-mouth. Maintaining a strong presence at trade shows, European Home uses the platforms to showcase its latest models and newest innovations. Although it’s tempting to ride the wave of reputation, the company maintains an active marketing strategy. The European Home marketing specialists are always busy making full use of social media, press editorials and advertising to ensure the company retains its place at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Despite its success, European Home has retained its small company values. Well-trained staff focus on providing an accurate, knowledgeable and friendly service. Designers, engineers, sales professionals, and organisation specialists come together to make an eclectic and cohesive team. Liz says, “Everyone’s ideas are always welcome and the T Oct21686 good ones are soon implemented. Every employee has a voice, this creates a culture of open discussion and results in improvements and success.” When asked about the effects of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, she tells us, “It’s certainly had some effects that no one anticipated. The building industry has seen an unprecedented boom in business. Homeowners weren’t going on vacation or sending the kids to summer camp. Instead they spent money on renovations, including installing that fireplace they’d always wanted. But demand for building materials was high. It caused supply shortages and increased costs. It has been challenging. We’ve worked hard to provide top service and meet our customers’ expectations while managing price increases. We’re grateful that at least sales have gone up along with prices.” Partner, Element4, has recently made a significant technological breakthrough. The company has developed a ‘Real Flame Burner’ which gives the illusion of naturally burning wood logs in a gas fire. European Home are already stocking the ‘Cupido’ range featuring this technology and expect Element4 to soon phase out their previous double burner system. Exciting times are ahead too. Partner, Focus Fires, have now made their iconic traditional Gyrofocus suspended fireplace as a natural gas and propane model. European Home are looking forward to marketing this in 2022 when it comes to the US and Canada. The company anticipates unprecedented demand for this new product. Contact: Liz Lee Company: European Home Web Address: www.europeanhome.com