Q1 2022

39 Q1 2022 BUILD a testament to the top- notch, environmentally- friendly work of the Archerfield team. An example of one of these developments is ‘The Molineaux’ collection of two-, three- and four- bedroom family homes located the picturesque family-friendly village of Copthorne, West Sussex, built to create a close-knit community with a large family communal public space. A priority for the business is the creation of low energy homes for every family – it wants sustainability to go mainstream. Energy prices are constantly rising and an ever-increasing burden on family incomes. Archerfield combines traditional and modern technology to embrace the past and the present in order to create a better future. Its homes are smart house enabled, allowing for the monitoring and programming of the energy utilisation of the building, along with the option to control almost all aspects of the house. From opening and closing curtains, to operating the lights, Archerfield’s smart homes are homes for the future. In fact, it has so much faith in its products that it will pay the first purchaser’s energy bills for the first two years (conditions apply). Another eco-friendly feature of Archerfield homes is where possible, solar panels are installed often as roof tiles, rather than on top of tiles. This means that there is often an air sourced heat pump within the dwelling. Ultimately, it’s easy to see Archerfield’s award-winning dedication to building sustainable, eco-friendly homes for generations to come. With a large portfolio of outstanding completed builds behind it and more to come, the only way for Archerfield is to continue growing as a business and exceeding expectations. Company: Archerfield Homes Contact: Tristan Lee Email: [email protected] Website: www.archerfieldhomes.com Sep21799 Homes for the Future Born from the bond between father and son, Colin and Tristan Lee, alongside their colleague, Rob Barton, Archerfield Homes defines what it means to be a family business. Combining years of experience in the industry with the most ground-breaking technology, Archerfield produces the very best in sustainable housing to ensure a better quality of life for everyone, both now and for generations to come. The firm has been recognised by BUILD magazine as Leaders in Sustainable Real Estate Development, 2021 – Suffolk, so we explore what it has to offer home owners of the future. rcherfield Homes’ founders have extensive industry experience under their belts, having worked for large PLC development firms or run consultancy firms, and they now strive to create positive developments in various locations. They have built over 10,000 homes in various guises for varying companies, managed a strategic land pipeline of over 10,000 homes and 1.1 million metres of commercial, and delivered large regeneration schemes of individually up to £300 million of gross development. Colin Lee comes with more than 40 years’ experience in project management and quantity surveying, having been a partner director of three different firms. He aims to implement and deliver the very best homes on the market, priding himself of creating homes have been procured and delivered to the very highest standards and are a lasting legacy to the environment. Since his work on solar photovoltaic panels for the European Environment Research Council in the 1990s, Colin has prioritised environmentalism in his work. With Colin had the helm, Archerfield Homes is guaranteed to deliver the height of sustainability – as long as he’s not too distracted by rugby! Colin’s middle son, Tristan Lee heads up the acquisitions, financing and marketing side of Archerfield Homes. Having left the world of professional golf behind, Tristan now finds himself at the forefront of Archerfield’s finances. Like his dad, Tristan has a passion for the environment and has dedicated himself to ensuring that his homes are built with sustainability in mind – encouraging support for new, environmentally-friendly developments. Rob Barton joined Archerfield in late 2019 with a deep background within the real estate industry, having held director level position in companies such as St. Modwen’s, Cathedral Group, and Berkeley Homes. Rob leads Archerfield’s directional operations capacity and helps to maximise the company’s potential and growth. Rob was initially an engineer within Toshiba Carrier, and with this background, he takes an active interest in the growing Modern Methods of Construction with the associated benefits. Outside of work, Rob enjoys cricket and spending time with his family. The communities of Suffolk and surrounding areas can be proud of Archerfield’s developments which stand proudly as legacies to sustainability and the environment. Each home is A