Q1 2022

28 BUILD Q1 2022 Striving For Sublime Structures Dec21402 Specialising in high-quality wooden staircases at great prices, Max-Stairs Ltd provides both traditional and modern styles to ensure that complete customer satisfaction is achieved every time. We find out more as we speak to Company Director Waldemar Bobrowski in the wake of the firm being recognised as Best Manufacturer and Designer of Wooden Staircases 2022 – The United Kingdom in the BUILD awards. aving started as a sole trader in the summer of 2007, Max-Stairs quickly transformed into a limited company in 2009. Now, some 14 years later with hundreds of satisfied customers across the whole of Britain, the company is still going strong and prides itself on being one of the UK’s leading stair specialists. “From day one our goal was simple,” explains Company Director, Waldemar Bobrowski. “To share our passion with the world and offer the best product on the market. Here at Max- Stairs we believe that there is no success if there is no passion and love for the things you do. Where the passion is, there is creativity and energy needed to become the best you can, in what you do.” Since the business’s journey began it has pushed the boundaries and produced ideas which were new and innovative, which is what Waldemar believes is needed for every business that wants to grow. “Our core values have not changed,” he elaborates. “Our work ethic has only become stronger. Running a business brings many challenges. Dealing with the problems is part of the package you got yourself into. Learning from those situations can make you stronger and wiser. It is all part of the journey.” Max-Stairs clients are very loyal and, in turn, the firm repays this loyalty by looking after its client relationships. Many of them are working on their dream homes which is something that is extremely important to them and their families. Therefore, Waldemar believes it is a great privilege to be a part of these projects, as it is a massive responsibility to make sure that the company can meet their high expectations. H Waldemar shares, “I always say: Work like it would be your own house, your home. If you treat customers in that way, you cannot go wrong. You will do the best you can, and you will achieve appreciation from them. Looking at constantly growing customer numbers alongside industry awards and recognition, we are doing something right. The important thing is not to forget our core values and continue our hard work.” Every year, Waldemar and the dedicated team aim to improve its offering and extend its services, taking part in some of the biggest building exhibitions across England, such as Grand Designs Live, promoting its products in magazines and on the internet where it enjoys a strong position on search engines. “What all our projects and customers have in common is their passion and the vision to create a unique project that will stand out from the crowd,” he states. “Our products are unique and made to the highest standards. That is where we shine above other suppliers.” As a family-run business, all employees, contractors and suppliers are treated as an extended part of the family, with many of the firm’s key employees having worked for Max-Stairs for 10 years or longer. “They work with us, not for us!” enthuses Waldemar. “That is the key. We all work for the overall success of the business. That is the approach we believe in. When we look for an employee we look for dedication, commitment, and the similar values we have.” There have been many challenges lately that have raised issues for the company, including Covid restrictions, new Brexit laws, and material shortages as well as price increases as an indirect result of the current situations. Despite these hardships, Max-Stairs was recently voted Best Manufacturer and Designer of Wooden Staircases 2022 in the United Kingdom by BUILD magazine, and Waldemar could not be prouder of this prestigious accolade. “Our mission for the next year is to extend our offer even further especially regarding metal balustrades offer,” Waldemar says, looking to the future. “That seems to be the most important product in the coming year. In addition to that, we have to stay focused and work hard to continue our growth and make our position on the market even stronger.” Contact: Waldemar Bobrowski Web Address: www.max-stairs.co.uk