Q1 2021

BUILD Q1 2021 24 Oct19372 he power of innovation is one of the most important and necessary powers in the world, with innovation often paving the way for new ways of living and understanding the world around us. It is also said that success happens when preparation meets opportunity, and innovation takes place. That has certainly been the case for UDA Technologies. Back in the 1990s, the world of industry- specific project management software pretty much non- existent. The software that did exists was massively overpriced and underwhelming in its delivery. After a decade of experience working in the multi-family, commercial, and custom residential markets, UDA Technologies founder Michael Stevens became frustrated with the lack of professional software that was available and affordable for the construction industry. So, UDA Technologies was born. Since first releasing software in 1999, UDA Technologies has continued to set the standard for others in the industry-specific project management software arena by delivering innovation upon innovation. Today, UDA Technologies is a leading global provider of construction technologies, software, application development, and architectural services for construction professionals in more than seventy five countries around the world. Headquartered in the thriving university community of Auburn in the state of Alabama, UDA Technologies has close ties with the University’s outstanding resources in engineering, information technology, and architecture, which help fuel the innovation and passion of the staff. That connection also allows UDA Technologies to build a staff of professionals that truly understand and want to work in construction technologies. UDA Technologies was founded on a single desire: to revolutionize the construction and engineering world by bringing millions of users together with a single purpose. That sole purpose is to create a construction management platform that empowers professionals to build a better world by harnessing technology to lower the costs of construction. In essence, UDA Technologies is about making things better, faster, and easier for those involved in construction. It is one of the fastest-growing providers of construction project management software in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Central & South America, Australia, and seven five other countries all over the world. In every country that the firm is Technology Is The Cornerstone For Success The advancement of technology and software has been pivotal to innovations across a multitude of sectors and industries, and construction has been no stranger to that level of innovation. Capitalising on the latest that technology has to offer is global firm UDA Technologies, one of the fastest-growing providers of construction project management software across the world. In this feature article for BUILD Magazine, we explore what makes the firm so exceptional and uncover more of why it deserves to be recognised for its outstanding work. T present and works, it boasts double-digit and industry-leading revenue growth. UDA Technologies was designed for growing construction firms, and the software that the firm has designed is responsible for managing more than eighty billion dollars of construction every single day. In order to continue achieving the purpose and mission it set out to do, UDA Technologies operates on a handful of core beliefs that maintain its course. First and foremost, the firm believes in fostering and encouraging an open network which can open channels of communication whilst removing barriers to collaboration. UDA Technologies also believes that software can be empowering, and it believes in levelling the playing field. Coupling these together, the firm seeks to empower smaller construction firms and help them achieve their dreams, no matter how big they may be. Since its inception, UDA Technologies’ goal has always been the success of its clients, and it firmly believes that its own products will help to grow construction firms around the world. Over the year since its inception, UDA Technologies has continued to update and improve its offerings, yet has never once lost sight of the founding mission upon which the firm was built. The primary objectives has remained the same: to lower the cost of construction for clients by providing best-in- class products for project and contact management. In order to achieve these goals, associates at UDA Technologies dedicate much of their time to listening to and incorporating feedback from the tens of thousands of clients that the firm works with all over the world. The foundational principles of the firm enable it to build upon its innovative nature whilst also ensuring that the new products which the firm is developing are able to always meet the growing needs of industry professionals working in the construction and engineering sector. Alongside these ever- growing products that UDA Technologies puts out, so too are there innovative features for the project management software. What is clear about the service provided by UDA Technologies is that it very much focuses on choosing to deliver a long-term solution rather than a short-term fix. It is about empowering real- world construction professionals to do the best they can using the best technology that is available today. With growing market share and revenues from all over the world, UDA Technologies