BUILD Q1 2020

50 Best of BUILD Oct19239 Shining a Light on British Success When it comes to lights, many of us may pass it over without too much thought. But when it really comes down to crafting the perfect space and getting the right lighting, there are fewer important aspects than finding the right lamp or luminaire. Founded in 2004, British-based company Kosnic Lighting Ltd. are leading experts, designers, and manufacturers in LED technology. We turn the lamp on the firm to highlight their success in our end-of-year, Best of BUILD segment. rom capturing a photo with the perfect amount of reflection and shine, to setting a moody ambience for more intimate moments, the importance of finding the right light cannot be overstated. Whether for residential, commercial or public use, Kosnic’s wide variety of lighting solutions can cater to almost every lighting design and need. For more than fifteen years of its existence, the firm has continued its rapid rise to success thanks to its creative innova- tion of lamps and luminaires that are top-quality, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly. However, there are plenty of other reasons for Kosnic’s swift and sustained levels of meteoric success. With exceptional levels of communication, knowledge and understanding of the industry, the firm has grown quickly to become one of the United Kingdom’s best lighting companies. Now boasting more than one thousand highly-successful lamps and luminaire products, this industry innovator has been widely recognised as being amongst the most reliable, efficient and cutting-edge companies of its kind. With such a myriad of lighting solutions, there are very few com- petitors on the market today who can compete with the breadth that Kosnic offer. As well as everything they stock and deliver, the firm also work to bespoke and customised requests. The specifi- cation, design and manufacturing service is perfect for those who wish to create their own distinctly unique lamp or luminaire for a specific room or space. Technical teams can advise clients on whether or not their solution is compliant with regulations, and to- tal control over the supply chain means that clients are still getting all the best technology that the firm has to offer. Drawing on their more than fifteen years of experience working with lights and lighting solutions, Kosnic boast a range of truly beautiful offerings that are sure to suit any space. From deli- cately twisted helix-shaped light bulbs, to completely necessary fire exit signs, to a plethora of stylish lampshades that give an elegant feel to any open space. The innovation is courtesy of the firm’s Kosnic Technolo- gy Centre, based in Shanghai. The laboratory and its team of knowledgeable experts within lighting are dedicated to advancing lighting controls, emergency lighting solutions, and the cost-reducing possibilities of LED technology for the firm’s clients. The laboratory is not the only foreign base of operations either. Headquartered in Newbury, Berkshire, Kosnic oper- F ates with their own manufacturing bases located strategically throughout the United Kingdom and China. By owning and operating their own manufacturing bases, Kosnic have separated themselves from the crowd as one of the only UK-based lighting companies to have complete control over the supply chain. From design and specification, through manufac- turing and importation, all the way through to distribution, every stage of the process of managed by the firm itself. Being able to specify their own components, the company enjoy a far superior quality and flexibility compared to the rest of the competition. Renowned for their friendly, personal and engaging service, the team at Kosnic always strive to make sure that clients get the lighting that they need to fulfil their every requirement. As well as the bespoke and custom solutions mentioned previously, the firm also undertake a number of work that is free-of-charge, including site surveys, cost of ownership calculations, lighting design schemes, technical support, and post-implementation care for any lights. Making sure that every home has the lighting to make it look absolutely perfect, or giving workspaces that easy-on-the-eye, glare-free light to keep employees happy, Kosnic’s service is more vital than one might initially think. Now firmly established as one of the nation’s best for lighting solutions, the next fifteen years are set to be even more exciting than the last.