BUILD Q1 2020

47 Best of BUILD Oct19119 Brazilian Brilliance There are fewer things in life more fascinating than excellent architecture, which Brazilian architect Fernanda Marques offers every single day. As her firm approaches twenty-five years of masterfully crafting exciting spaces and collections, we take a closer look at its successes, and why it will be one to watch going into 2020 and beyond. s a myriad of shapes, textures and movements come together in mesmerising patterns, there is often a sense of awe and wonder at how someone could imagine such beautiful spaces, let alone bring them to life with such artistic aplomb. And yet, that is exactly what Brazilian architect Fernanda Marques offers her clients on a daily basis. Coupling her enthusiasm for clean and contem- porary styles with expert knowledge and a true eye for the smallest detail, Fernanda’s projects are some of the best across Brazil, and the entire world of art and design. Grounding everything that Fernanda and her team does is an exceptional level of motivation and adoration for the materials and shapes she uses. Every single part of a project exudes the energy and effort that Fernanda has poured into it, from the painstaking process of choosing a building’s colour and shape, to the inch-perfect placement of various architectural motifs. The bounds of Fernanda’s creativity know no limits, with her mixing all manner of styles and designs to create truly unique and authentic spaces that reflect the personalities of both herself and the client. Following her graduation from the University of Sao Paulo’s School of Architecture and Urbanism, Fernanda founded her own firm Fernanda Marques Arquitectos Associados in January 1995. Now, nearly twenty-five years on from the firm’s initial conception, Fernanda’s multidisciplinary skillset and hungrier-than-ever appetite for success has made her into an unmatched contender within the art and design world on a domestic and international level. Her breadth of work includes both residential and commercial projects, ranging from purely architectural or interior, to including both in full operations. Minimalist and contemporary styles characterise much of the residential work that Fernanda Marques and her team complete, with sleek and elegant design taking centre stage. Projects are widely varied, showing off the breadth of talent that Fernanda has. One such project was an open, warm, and inviting lodge-like home space that boasted a rustic décor and large living spaces, bringing the residents even closer to the beauty of the green and blue just outside the floor-to-ceiling windows. However another project saw Fernanda design and create a residential space that, whilst also connected to nature via lush greenery and windows looking into a pool, boasted a more silvery, sophisticated, and elegant design that exuded class over rusticity. A Helping clients craft their dream spaces, or corporate clients create their ideal workspace for employees to thrive in, Fernan- da’s work goes a long way in helping clients of all manner get the results they deserve for their investment. Not simply offering finished spaces however, the firm also works alongside product designers and real estate developers to bring to life showcase apartments and new products. Fernanda’s most recent project includes a collection of stunning new washbasins in collabora- tion with Spanish company Roca. The Infinity Washbasin Collection takes full advantage of Ro- ca’s innovative ultra-light technology that provides rounded edg- es with thin walls, resulting in a dynamic, colourful, and ener- getic-looking washbasin for everyday use. With textured areas to prevent soap slippage, the washbasin is not only aestheti- cally-pleasing, but functionally brilliant for use in the everyday home. As a result of their expert collaboration and Fernanda’s inspiration to create such an outstanding design, the product won the Best in Show prize at the Expo Revestir 2019. Rightly so, Fernanda and her firm have received plenty of praise from both critics and the public alike for her unique work. Showing absolutely no signs of slowing down its meteoric rise to global stardom within arts and design, Fernanda Marques Arquitectos Associados is definitely one to watch as we head into the next decade and beyond. Company: Fernanda Marques Arquitectos Associados Contact: Renata Ruhman Website: