BUILD Q1 2020

45 Best of BUILD Oct19233 ince 2015, Wonder Wall has been dedicated to the provision of the highest quality artificial plants and green walls. Able to fit into any situation, from potted garden plants to hedges to full walls of luscious green, Wonder Wall gives its clients the chance to embrace mother nature in her fullness, if not her reality. With a wide range of products on offer, it could be overwhelm- ing to try and visualise the process of installing Wonder Wall products for yourself. Fortunately, this charismatic company are committed to making sure that you get the garden that you’ve dreamed of, no matter what the situation. Clients can take advantage of a bespoke service, which includes installation if required. This has allowed for some very rapid redevelop- ment on projects where the work of Wonder Wall has arguably brought a space to life. Lightweight and durable, they also provide transport wherever the plants are needed. Wonder Wall’s work is endlessly adaptable and has been used everywhere from gardens to an embassy in Lisbon to television studios. The latter was a triumph for the company, showcasing the versatility of its service. A television program needed to An Astounding Artificial Alternative Having a connection to nature isn’t always possible, whether it’s the size of your garden, the way it’s positioned, or the entire lack thereof. Everyone deserves to feel at one with the world, though, and that’s where Wonder Wall come in. These dynamic artificial plant installers have a solution for every situation, scaling perfectly to your needs. Join us as we take a closer look at their exciting business. S simulate a home patio to produce footage for a summer recipe. Filmed in December, the natural solution was artificial. Quickly installed and adjusting swiftly to television demands, the result was incredibly convincing and a veritable success. Another example of Wonder Wall’s work comes from the high- class Tivoli Hotel Spa, where an ill-thought-through architect’s plan included a garden in a spot where there was not enough light to keep it luscious. Wonder Wall’s solution allowed for a permanent solution that removed the need for any sort of maintenance. The result matches what the architect desired perfectly, giving guests the view of the perfect garden from their spa, but with no natural light at all. Wonder Wall is frequently recommended by clients as solutions to any plant problem, and this has led to work with a wide range of people in the design and decoration industry. Constantly trying to grow that web of contacts, the company has present- ed its products in specialised magazines and websites and is developing its social media channels with Instagram playing a major role. For Wonder Wall, a picture says a thousand words, and how its plants look is much more important than anything the team can say about them. Looking forward, Wonder Wall is intending to expand the already considerable portfolio of products on offer. New plants and vertical gardens will be taking centre stage alongside the latest variation on offer, grass. It is always a challenge to convince people that the quality of the product is as good as it seems, as well as convincing people of the real benefits of going artificial. Fundamentally, Wonder Wall gives clients a true alternative that is just as good as the real thing. For those wanting to broaden their horizons and offer an option that isn’t limited by the practi- calities of the Sun’s location or constant maintenance, thanks to Wonder Wall, you can dream big. Company: Wonder Wall Contact: Joao Salgueiro Web Address: