BUILD Q1 2020

43 Best of BUILD Oct19315 Rising Higher Truly beautiful design stands out from the crowd. Everybody has seen bold and elegant design that captivates. Expertly coalescing thoughtful and innovative architecture, Rise Projects represents the best of BUILD as we take a look at their exemplary work. ise is a full service architecture and design firm founded and led by Karen Frome. Their portfolio includes a wide array of beautifully designed spaces both public and private in the residential, commer- cial, educational and retail arenas. Each project is unique, a testament to the Rise teams’ attentiveness to the clients’ unique desires and parameters. With a vast range of beautifully designed and masterfully craft- ed spaces, both public and private, there is not a job for the firm that is like any other. Priding itself on its ability to offer a complete suite of services, the Rise team loves working on everything from single pieces of furniture to plans for large spaces and multinational organisations. Before any work is carried out, Karen and her team understand the importance of learning about the inspirations and expecta- tions of the project. By listening to clients and understanding exactly what they want a space to become, Rise has built and cemented relationships with clients that are built on trust and appreciation. Having also established relationships with an expert team of consultants and partnering firms, the power of collaboration is a constant presence in the culture at Rise. For Karen and her team, it is as much about the journey as it is the final destination. Where outsiders might look and see a messy building site that is half-finished, the team sees it as a beautiful representation of ongoing collaboration, constant research, and ever-adapting ingenuity. Drawing on decades of expertise, Karen embraces diversity to bring together experts and consultants in solving problems. Utilising fresh creativity and inventive thinking, each space overcomes any challenges to become something totally unique and tailored to the client. Effortlessly blending strength with sensibility, the projects draw on everything that the client has mentioned, whether it be stat- ed clearly or in passing, to create the perfect space that truly reflects their personality, or their brand, and their needs. Whether it is a simply elegant minimalist space with refreshing earthy tones in downtown New York, or a rustic beach house on Fire Island, the variety of Karen’s work is truly remarkable. With more than twenty years’ experience practicing architec- ture, Karen brings a wealth of academic knowledge to her work accumulated from all over the world. With two masters’ degrees in Architecture and Architectural History from Princeton Univer- sity and Columbia University respectively, Karen’s expertise of R material, shape and form has also seen her receive a number of grants and awards for her outstanding work. There is no feeling quite like going home to a space that is loved and adored in every sense of the word. From the ma- terials to the furnishings, and everything in between, Karen’s work goes far beyond creating beautiful spaces. It evokes the essence of home. Ultimately, it represents the best of the architecture and design worlds; truly, the best of what it means to build. Company: Rise Projects Contact: Karen Frome Website: