BUILD Q1 2020

26 BUILD Q1 2020 Oct19427 Supreme Spray Drying Solution Drawing on the desire to provide equipment that was not only technologically advanced, but aesthetically pleasing and of the highest industry standard, European SprayDry Technologies have risen to the top of their field when it comes to spray drying technologies both in the UK and Internationally. We took a closer look at this company to find out more. ith a legacy spanning over four decades, ESDT have gained a reputation for delivering an exten- sive market leading range of equipment for powder production, thanks to its continued commitment to product development. This reputation has grown outside of the UK, with a global clientele now expecting the highest quality products from ESDT, and ESDT working to exceed these already lofty expectations. A significant contribution to the success of ESDT has result- ed from the practical way in which the business is calibrated towards the end user. With a solid commitment throughout the company to the design and supply of high performance, safe and simple to operate systems, it’s no wonder these products have such appeal to both workforce and management alike. All systems and products are subject to continuous review and development, ensuring that they both meet and exceed stringent industry codes and best practices. Where possible, process solutions are designed to allow for upgrade to include future technological improvements, as they become available. Far from standing still, the team at ESDT are constantly pushing the boundaries of drying technology to provide their clients with the essential service they have come to expect. With their main product lines including both wet and dry process solutions incorporating liquid feed preparation, spray drying, and powder storage solutions. These processes are applied over various industries, including food, chemicals, dairy, recycling and phar- maceutical, allowing ESDT the opportunity to explore a variety of different markets and needs. An experienced project delivery team provides a professional service to customers at every stage of a contract. From sales to design, from project management to operator training, all those specific needs are met thanks to the ability to deliver a bespoke solution. With a focus on performance, quality and value for money, these solutions are developed by listening and commu- nicating closely with clients, allowing the company to understand what is required and tailor their resources to best suit these needs. A dynamic team of process engineers and chemists can turn a client’s ideas into the reality of fully functioning process plants, which deliver the highest quality custom engineered powders. This talented group of staff are the backbone of the business, playing a fundamental role in the ongoing growth and success of ESDT. It is this adaptability that has allowed ESDT to flourish on the global stage. ESDT are perfectly positioned to satisfy the production requirements of their ever expanding client base in all market sectors, and it’s not surprising that ESDT is looking to expand further into South East Asia and Australasia in the months to come. It’s a challenge in and of itself to make just one product that ap- peals to an audience, but continually creating bespoke solutions for clients goes above and beyond. Using its talented team, ESDT achieves success time and time again, guaranteeing the highest-quality products whist always aiming higher. It’s no sur- prise that ESDT is the UK market leader when it comes to spray drying solutions, and it doesn’t look like they will be usurped any time soon. Contact: Gareth Hine, Director of Sales Company: European SprayDry Technologies Web Address: Telephone: 07740 175272 W