BUILD Q1 2020

BUILD Q1 2020 18 Nov19378 ounded in 2008, ideograf have worked over the last decade to garner a massive amount of expertise in the design and construction of public, residential and retail buildings. The wide variety of projects is only matched by their ability to undertake any service at every stage of a project’s realization. Working from analysis and concept design all the way through to the execution stage of buildings, with complete interior architecture and marketing materials. Investors value the experience and ability of ideograf and trust its staff to realize a project effectively and efficiently. ideograf pays specific attention to changing trends with regards to project realization and work continually to broaden their knowl- edge. Efficient practice is gained through gaining the ability to specifically refer to administrative, tender and realization procedures. The mix of young and experienced architects allow a range of different and creative ideas that set ideograf apart from the rest. One of the many triumphs at ideograf has been its develop- ment of the corner café in Gdynia, Poland. Deftly designed to combine clean contemporary lines with twenties-era detail, the wooden furnishings only go to accentuate the starkness of the clean walls, while adding a bit of warmth to proceedings. The centerpiece of the design must go to the wall that is composed of 2,470 ceramic pieces. A thoroughly charming piece of design that really draws the eye, this is the perfect way to show how ideograf care for the client. What might seem impossible or incongruous to some, this team prove to be a delightful piece of work. This wall of cups was a custom piece of work, all pro- duced at the studio. Those looking for something a bit more comfortable might find the design of the Almond Hotel more to their tastes. Occupying a unique space, the Old Town in Gdansk, the new building fulfilled the functions of hotel, restaurant and spa & wellness complex. Erected in place of a former garrison laundry that was turned into a cocoa and almond pace manufacturer, the team at ideograf tried to uncover references to the history of this place and see if any of that history could be incorporated into the design. A sense of the industrial character is added to by sus- pended shelves and the structure of the bar, while fitted carpets ideograf Mark Out Success The team at ideograf – architectural design studio have taken lessons from every project they’ve undertaken. Able to undertake work at any point in a project’s lifespan, the adaptability of this company’s young workforce has grown significantly over the years. Here at BUILD, we thought we’d take a closer look at their work to understand further what makes them Ones to Watch. F with the map of Gdansk have been designed especially for the hotel. It’s clear that the ideograf team wanted to create a unique character for this 4* hotel, and in that they certainly succeeded. Strongly dedicated to every project that comes their way, ideo- graf offers clients a dynamic approach to design, built on taking what is available and drawing on these limitations to create something truly unique. From the quirky wall of cups to the in- dustrial-inspired hotel bar to the modernity of the office design, the range that ideograf possess is incredible, and definitely something to look out for in days to come. Contact: Paulina Czurak Web Address: Lake Hill Resort & Spa near Karpacz, at the Sosnówka Lagoon