BUILD Q1 2020

Q1 2020 BUILD 11 Navigation mechanisms must be designed with ease of use in mind, and for those unfamiliar with VR technology, seasickness and headaches can present a real issue. That’s where Bee- Byte’s expert software knowledge comes in extremely helpful. Every piece of hardware for each project is considered, with a specific focus on virtual reality hardware and graphics cards. The quality of the VR experience depends almost entirely on the resolution that certain virtual reality devices have, and the power of graphics cards to make that resolution a reality. Across the technology industry today, there is a sweeping wave of continually-impressive graphics cards, boasting real-time ray- tracing and other impressive features too numerous to mention. BeeByte know that once there is a price reduction in the high- end and top-of-the-range RTX graphics cards, they will become a must-have for any virtual reality hardware. Between Beebyte Software Solutions being one of the most innovative companies within the realm of technological ad- vancement, and Epic Games delivering constant updates to the already-incredible creative potential of Unreal Engine 4, the future of business is exciting. More and more industries will begin to adopt technology into everything they do, and with BeeByte already working to include virtual reality as part of the architecture industry, there is nowhere to go but up for this incredibly exciting firm. Company: BeeByte Software Solutions Contact: Andrei Lazarescu Website: